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Honda Clarity Electric Trio takes center stage at 2017 NYIAS

This is a big development for Honda, as well as the Honda electrification fans that embraced the very limited, short lived Fit battery electric. For 2017, Honda presents three Clarity electric variants, on the road to 75% fleet electrification by 2030.

As announced Wednesday morning by American Honda, this year’s New York International Auto Show will be ground zero for Honda electrification. As noted earlier by Torque News, the 3rd generation Honda Clarity Fuel Cell electric platform will be expanded to facilitate battery electric, and hybrid offerings, with all variants available before the end of the year.

Exciting news for Clarity fans living outside of Hydrogen Fueling Network regions

Honda looks to the electrification of personal transportation as a given, from a sustainable fuel, and reduced environmental impact point of view. Clarity optimizes Honda’s mission of manufacturing cutting edge, high fuel efficiency, low to no emission, driver-friendly personal conveyance. With Clarity, buyers have 3-choices as to their preferred method of vehicle electrification, brilliant marketing!

To date, Honda Clarity FCV claims the greatest zero emissions electric car range in the automotive industry. Read my latest take on Clarity FCV here.2017_Honda_Clarity_FCVHonda earlier announced anticipated range for the Clarity BEV. It could be extended a bit

Building off of the success of Honda Accord hybrid, Honda Clarity Hybrid will take a great idea and make it better. According to Honda News, Honda Clarity Hybrid will feature “electric only” drive range of up to 40 miles, more than enough battery only capacity to cover most consumers daily commute. Now we’re talking Honda.