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2017 Honda Clarity FCV Takes Hydrogen Fueled Car Mainstream [Video]

I believe electrification to be the future of personal transportation. Honda drives into an electric vehicle future with a soon to be expanded Clarity EV lineup. “Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow,” is Honda’s call to a non polluting driving future, via a video campaign featuring hydrogen molecules. ( sort of.)

The recently released 2017 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell Vehicle, finds its electric current source via a very compact and advanced hydrogen fuel cell stack, no larger than a V6 Honda I.C. engine --a hydrogen molecule cracker of sorts. There’s no massive battery module required to extend electric-only range, nor gasoline co-generator required to charge the aforementioned battery module.

Gone is the cord, you get it! Clarity FCV is free of the grid, while the electric motor in the case of Clarity receives it electric charge as the result of cracking hydrogen atoms, the only exhaust byproduct is water -- although I wouldn't recommend drinking it.

The key to a viable Hydrogen car future is an expanded “Green” fuel network

Again, that’s just my opinion. With General Motors partnering with Honda to develop and manufacture near-future fuel cell stack generators, the handwriting is on the wall -- the future of the Hydrogen electric car is a given. Honda Clarity is the only 4-door sedan-like FCV (fuel cell vehicle) on the road today that will travel upwards of 360 miles on a tank of compressed hydrogen while comfortably seating 5 adults. Clarity leases have began in Tokyo Japan, Los Angeles, Orange County, Sacramento, San Francisco, East Bay, and Marin County California. Read my latest take on Clarity FCV here.

High Torque, Sport Mode, Zero Emissions

Honda has a bit of fun with Hydrogen while sharing that attributes of the 3rd generation Clarity FCV. Check it out.