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Galpin’s SEMA Show 2016 Acura ILX Teaser is stunning

With a tweak or two as to rim design, ground effects, and a stunning body color application, Galpin Auto Sports in partnership with Acura, will smack BMW and Lexus fans with a thought provoking custom 2016 ILX A-SPEC

Monday morning’s Honda News Bulletin came with a little bit of eye candy for Acura fans, featuring Galpin Auto Sports prepared 2016 ILX A-SPEC teaser. In this image one can detect stuffed oversized custom wheels, and super low profile tires indicating an airbag-lift modification.

looking to the lower nose and tail cowling, side ground effects and trunk wing, we note signature Galpin design, finished in a stunning monochrome gold metallic paint resting under countless layers of clearcoat.

In viewing Acura’s teaser photo, 2016 ILX looks ‘fast’ sitting in park, as it currently does in it’s stock form. Galpin and Acura have taken ILX to the next level, while presenting a customization project that is financially doable. That’s what SEMA is all about.

Back in 2014, the mild massage performed by Galpin on the first year run of Acura’s best selling TLX Sedan, arguably launched a trend at American Honda Motors and Acura Division to turn up the heat as to available candy and heavy metal flake inspired colors throughout the lineup.

Torque News reported from Las Vegas Sema as the Honda Fit project took high honors for customized production car, with the Galpin Auto Sports repaired 2015 TLX capturing the imagination of Acura fans around the globe.

On a personal note, we love the side profile of the Galpin prepared 2016 ILX, and look forward to discovering how Galpin improves ILX overall ride and handling characteristics.

* 2016 Galpin Acura ILX photo courtesy of Acura.