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Faulty seat belt assembly sends 2018 Honda Odyssey to recall

The first product recall for the reinvented 2018 Honda Odyssey minivan impacts 3900 vehicles. Do you own one of them?


Friday found American Honda Motor Company announcing the first product recall for the reinvented 2018 Honda Odyssey minivan. It’s a minor installation glitch affecting as many as 3900 vehicles. Generated by 2-customer complaints, a faulty seat belt assembly, more specifically the seat belt tongue, while generating a recall, has not resulted in any related injuries to date. We experience the most advanced, fuel efficient, and well connected Honda Odyssey in the maker’s history.

Honda to inspect and replace Odyssey 3rd row seat belt if necessary

A statement from American Honda Motor Company: *Third row seatbelts use different seat belt tongues for the outer seating positions and the center seating position. During third row center seatbelt assembly at a supplier, outer seat belt tongues were mistakenly installed onto center seatbelt assemblies. When an outer seat belt tongue is inserted into a center seatbelt buckle, the seatbelt will not latch, making it noncompliant with federal regulations (FMVSS No. 208). In the event of a crash, an unlatched seat belt may increase the risk of injury to the seat occupant. Honda has received two customer reports through dealers noting that a seatbelt would not latch properly, but there have been no reports of injury related to this issue.

Honda is announcing this recall to encourage owners of affected vehicles to take them to an authorized dealer as soon as possible for inspection and, if needed, repair. Mailed notification to customers will begin in late-July 2017, and owners of these vehicles can determine now if their vehicles require inspection by going to or by calling (888) 234-2138.

First product safety recall for 2018 Honda Odyssey minivan

This is the first safety recall for the highly praised 2018 Honda Odyssey minivan. 14,146 Honda Odyssey minivans sold in June, with 48,156 leaving Honda dealership lots in 2017, year to date. Read our latest 2018 Honda Odyssey article here.