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2018 Honda Odyssey Designed to ‘Keep the Peace’ in Rows 2&3

Honda’s latest family oriented T.V. ad drives home kid-focused hands-on connectivity available in 2018 Honda Odyssey. New features help “keep the peace” between the younger family members occupying rows 2&3.

American Honda produces some, if not, the catchiest family targeted ads in the automotive business today -- their latest production hits home, as to the challenge parents face in keeping the peace between siblings on those long family outings. Kids or no Kids, 2018 Honda Odyssey is a very comfortable daily commuter.

Odyssey engages the kids through hands-on advanced connectivity and entertainment

For 2018, Honda Odyssey comes to market with a family-friendly, second row side-sliding configurable seat, ease of access to the third row, as well as the largest ceiling mounted, pull down viewing monitor, available in the minivan segment -- affording an unobstructed view to the third row. Also, the totally redesigned Odyssey, sports a quieter cabin, a much refined ride, greater horsepower, increased fuel efficiency, and the first 10-speed automatic transmission option available in the minivan segment. Read more about the much improved 2018 Odyssey minivan here.

Pre-programmed child entertainment, a Kid friendly smartphone-app, and much more

Honda Odyssey is known for great utility, reliability, and resale value. Now, thanks to a 3 year advanced research, family needs driven redo, Odyssey brings to the minivan segment a near intuitive, child-friendly, parent assistive, approach to the age-long problem of keeping the younger members of the tribe engaged while transporting the family.2018_Honda_Odyssey_Kona_McCantsCheck out the video, it dramatically drives the point home! 2018 Honda Odyssey is designed from the ground up, to “keep the peace” in rows 2&3.

Photo Attributions: Parks McCants 2017