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Dealers offer ‘Real’ July discounts on 2015 Honda Civic

Working in and around the auto industry, one sees a bit of shenanigans from time to time as to dealer promoted buyer’s incentives. How “Real” is Honda’s July Civic incentive?

Historically speaking, we rarely, if ever find a deeply discounted Honda of any year, model or trim variant. Honda retains its high residual(resale)value primarily because American Honda Motors holds the line on dealership-sales incentives, fleet sales, and stripped down base model offerings.

In any given month, a buyer may be able to negotiate a 5 % discount on their Civic of choice, an extended warranty, or the gratuitous “Undercoating” or “Clear-Coat” protective coating of questionable value; why will July 2015 be any different than any other month?

Major model change for Civic looms on the horizon


The 2016 model year will bring in a major frame-up redesign to the iconic Civic. Honda fans know that the roll out date for the new model year generally lands sometime in the early fall of the previous year. And, although Honda has not announced the date of the arrival of what is arguably the most exciting Civic offering in Honda’s history, we viewed the concept in New York, know that the Anna, Ohio engine plant is online, and that a Honda media event is just around the proverbial corner.

There's no shortage of 2015 Honda Civic dealership stock

looking to the internet we find no shortage of 2015 Honda Civics in stock. Civic sales were down a bit in June, with Fit and HR-V sales driving the brand’s entry level sales momentum. None the less, Civic remains one if not the best selling compact sedan(non-fleet-sales) in North America, due to its storied reliability, consumer satisfaction rating, mechanical reliability and unrivaled long-term ownership residual value.

looking to the price point( MSRP $18,490 to $22,480) Honda Civic is hard to beat for initial quality, visually pleasing styling, interior comfort and measurable handling, engine and transmission performance. Catch my latest Honda Civic review here.

Great! show me the discount

For the month of July, “Honda Clearance Days” will save you real money before hitting the negotiating table. We discover the greatest advertised incentives in Honda’s short-term lease program. The well qualified buyer may lease a nicely appointed 2015 Civic CVT-LX sedan with an out of pocket expense of $2499 +sales tax and license.(if applicable) Your monthly lease payment will be $149.

For buyers, Honda finance is currently offering a 0.9% 24 to 48 month financing, with factory backed dealership-buyer incentives as high as *$2,115; that’s what we find, anyway…

Bottom line

July may be the month for you to find the best negotiated deal on a vehicle that is rarely discounted. The savings are real, the time is now.

* Kendall Honda of Eugene, Oregon.


Patrick (not verified)    July 10, 2015 - 2:13PM

Do you know when the media event is (ride and drive) for the all-new 10th-gen 2016 Civic? I look forward to reading your review. Jeff Palmer from Temple of VTEC announced that he'll be attending a ride and drive event for the refreshed 2016 Honda Accord in a couple of weeks. I'm left with the impression the 2016 Accord will probably go on sale in early September.

Parks McCants    July 10, 2015 - 3:39PM

In reply to by Patrick (not verified)

Welcome back Patrick. No news from Honda as to the drive-review date for the 10th Gen Civic, I'll keep you posted. As to the refreshed Accord,, yes... I'll be driving it the end of this month, but as of this writing, am not privy to the press embargo date for information release. Take care.

John (not verified)    July 11, 2015 - 6:41PM

Well, its indisputable now. The author has gone for lightly disguised advertorials of Honda's cars to outright promotional advertising.

Parks McCants    July 12, 2015 - 7:51PM

In reply to by John (not verified)

Welcome back John. Actually, the information shared in this article was gleaned in talking with Honda dealers across the Pacific Northwest, and through my 3 decades of participation in the auto industry. I too appreciate a good sale, don't you? Take or leave it, while not my Honda of choice, Civic is a measurable bargain at these prices. You will find critical car reviews above in the search bar.