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2018 Honda Clarity EV 3-in-1 a first in automotive innovation

Once again Honda Motor Company out innovates the competition with a 3-in-1 2017 Clarity electric vehicle platform, a first in automotive innovation. EV advocates now have a broad electrification choice within the Honda brand.

As announced Wednesday from N.Y.I.A.S. (New York International Auto Show) Honda acknowledges a long-term viability in vehicle electrification, by launches a companywide transition to electric with the introduction of the 2017 Clarity electric car trifecta. The 3-in-1 Clarity EV effectively begins Honda’s journey towards an admittedly lofty goal of 75% fleet electrification by model year 2030.

2018 Clarity BEV reveal culminates decades of Honda EV development
20 years into electric vehicle production, and 15 years in hydrogen fuel cell development, Honda brings much electrification know how to a growing market, while seriously committing to an across the lineup EV future including light trucks. Read our 2017 Clarity FCV first drive impressions here.

2018 Clarity 3-in1 offers greatest electrification choice in growing segment
According to American Honda General Manager Jeff Conrad, offering the consumer a choice as to EV methodology, while presenting a premium, drive dynamic 5-passanger mainstream vehicle, is key to success in an electric vehicle market challenged by “cheaper than bottled water gasoline.”
Honda is the first automotive manufacture to offer 3 variants of electrification on one manufacturing platform – hydrogen fuel cell electric – battery electric, and plug-in hybrid electric. With a best in class 40-mile electric only drive range, Honda anticipates the 2017 Clarity plug in hybrid to be the best seller in the Clarity lineup. * Pricing and availability to be announced in late May 2017. We first met Clarity in 2007.

No announcement, as to Clarity BEV, plug-in hybrid availability or MSRP
Accord to Honda’s EV lead Steve Centers, 2017/2018 Clarity doesn’t end Honda’s electrification program, it begins it. To date, consumers and automotive press alike praise the refined design and drive aspects of Honda’s mainstream fuel cell electric. Honda looks to fuel cell technology as the most market viable path for the EV proponent that wishes to “cut the cord,” while experiencing long-range electric, and zero exhaust emissions. For the BEV (battery electric vehicle) purist, Honda presents the relatively short range 2017 BEV. According to Centers, this is the Clarity designed for the electric vehicle commuter.

When 80 miles electric only is enough
Offering a stated 80 miles between charging cycles, with a 3.5-hour full recharge time, Honda Clarity BEV offers plush interior confines and decent handling dynamics for up to 5. Honda’s Jeff Conrad hinted at a mid $30,000 MSRP for Clarity BEV – we’ll see where it lands.