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2018 Acura RDX Carries Over from 2017 With Two Exceptions

Sometimes great, is good enough. Such is the case with the 2018 Acura RDX. It comes to market this month with no changes to specifications or trim levels, with two exceptions.

I love driving Acura RDX. After spending several thousand miles behind the wheel of Acura’s premium compact 2-row, I’ve come to the conclusion that when matched against a very formidable, capable field of worthy competitors, this 6 cylinder engine motivated crossover, is the “driver's” car of the most popular vehicle segment in the U.S., second only to the extended cab pickup truck.

V6 power, real-time all-wheel-drive, ease of compact maneuverability

Not everyone wants or needs a 3-row SUV. Arguably, Acura manufactures one of the best in the auto industry, with MDX consistently taking the sales lead in the midsize SUV segment. For consumers wishing for true mild-off-road, all-weather driving capability, 279 horsepower/ 252 lb-ft torque V6 power, the simplicity of a real-world, paddle shifted, automatic transmission, and one of, if not, the quietest interiors available in the compact crossover/SUV segment today -- Acura RDX delivers all of that and more, in spades! 2017_Acura_RDX_Sport_McCants.

Two changes for 2018 noted

For 2018, Acura RDX will come to market with a slight beginning MSRP uptick to $35,800. AcuraWatch ™ is now available as a standalone option as noted below. Other than that, 2018 Acura RDX carries over from 2017 unchanged -- a fantastic crossover.

The AcuraWatch™ suite of technologies is available as a standalone option on the base model and with the Technology Package, and is standard equipment with the Advance Package. Acura recently surpassed the 100,000-unit mark in U.S. sales of vehicles that include AcuraWatch™, with RDX representing approximately 30 percent of those sales. The RDX AcuraWatch™ suite includes:

Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)
Collision Mitigation Braking System™ (CMBS™)
Forward Collision Warning (FCW)
Lane Departure Warning (LDW)
Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS)
A popular choice for buyers, the RDX and sibling MDX are also two of the top three luxury SUVs for consumers under 35 years old2. The RDX earned the 2017 Consumer Guide® Automotive Best Buy Award in the Premium Compact Crossover/SUV segment.

* Acura Division 2017

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