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2017 Honda Ridgeline Truck Composite Bed Toughest in Industry

Sure bed liners work pretty well, but generally the stamped or welded steel truck bed underneath them dent and rust under work-truck conditions. Honda answers the challenge with 2017 Ridgeline.

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I was one of the lucky few to experience 2017 Honda Ridgeline before its dealership arrival the week of June 20. Sure, Ridgeline as often stated as versatile and truck-tough. But how tough?

Plastic composites have been incorporated into automotive designs for decades. Most trim pieces, step bumpers, truck bed liners, cab components and wheel covers incorporated into today’s automotive designs are plastic, in one form or another. Can Honda keep up with Ridgeline demand?

2017 Honda Ridgelines integrated pickup truck bed and hidden trunk is constructed of a metal (beam) reinforced composite sheeting, and has been since the advent of Ridgeline in late 2004.

A big improvement in this Rhino Liner ™ look alike is full depth pigment impregnation and exceptional scratch resistance. I had the opportunity to conduct a hands on scratch test in San Antonio, Texas -- this bed is tough! To further drive the point home, while at the event Honda dropped a load of large river rock out of a backhoe bucket from 10 ft or so into the bed, Ridgeline took a pounding.

When the dust cleared and the rocks were removed from the bed, we were invited to come forward and examine any possible damage, there wasn’t any noted. Granted, most of us will never bucket dump a load of river rock into the rear of a $40,000 + midsize unibody Ridgeline pickup truck. But, it's reassuring to know that you could, and Ridgeline is in fact “ truck tough.”

On a side note: I did confirm the dealership arrival of 2 Ridgeline pickups in Eugene, Oregon. More will be coming in soon as Honda kicks up Ridgeline production.

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