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2017 Honda Civic EX presents highest degree of tech for the dollar

2017 Honda Civic EX with Honda Sensing is award KBB’s "Best Auto Tech" award in the "area of value." That’s impressive.

Most car and light truck offerings outside of personal preference, are what our friends at Kelley Blue Book (KBB.Com) refer to as “par,” when it comes to drive dynamic, basic seating comfort, utility and fuel efficiency. “A car is just a car,” until you throw some tech in it.

Today, once a consumer breaks past the generational ingrained barrier of family-brand recognition and preference, the decision to purchase often comes down to the relatively new advent of electronic activated, sensor controlled, active safety, and the ease of pairing one's personal electronic communications and entertainment device. According to KBB, this is where the 10th generation Honda Civic shines above all other offerings in the sub-luxury class. I said all!

Truthfully, the first time I took the wheel in the reinvented 10th generation Honda Civic Touring, I was just a bit blown away by how much car one received for the dollar spent. The balance of the compact car segment remains in Civic’s rear view mirror. Read my latest Honda Civic drive experience here.

Although I more often than not opt to turn of the iPod, and deactivate Lane Keep Assist -- while killing drive-time, instead, listening intently to the inner workings of Civic, or any other personal conveyance for that matter, I do appreciate a timely recognition of voice command, simplicity of cell phone to car pairing, and a timely reminder from the car that I’m unwittingly driving off the right shoulder of the road.Honda_Civic_Coupe_McCants

I do that from time to time -- Honda Sensing ™ does keep me centered in the lane, and out of harm's way when tackling city traffic. We drive Accord across Los Angeles mostly brake and hands-free.

Infact, along with Mercedes E-Class, KBB believes that 2017 Honda Civic presents a comprehensive electronic safety and connectivity package better than any other offered in the mainstream auto segment -- and does so for just under $23,000. Impressive!

At the end of the day when we compare 2017 Honda Civic against a formidable field of “good” competitors, for the dollar spent, Civic EX when equipped with Honda Sensing presents the highest degree of tech for the dollar.