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2016 Honda Pilot takes design cue from Acura MDX

Honda’s leaning pretty hard on the artful visual tease these days. Wednesday was no exception with the presentation of a thought provoking glimpse of 2016 Pilot SUV. Or, are we looking at Acura MDX?


The third generation 3 row 2016 Honda Pilot SUV is scheduled to arrive on dealership floors sometime late summer 2015; we know that much for sure. The balance of the details as to price, specifications and release date remain a mystery. That is, until Honda debuts a totally redesigned Pilot to the world at the Chicago Auto Show, Feb.14-22.

What changes we anticipate for Honda’s 3 row SUV

Looking to the teaser image we discover a side profile and roofline very similar if not identical to 2015 Acura MDX. Why not? The MDX formula works, leading to exceptional looks and best fuel economy in the middleweight 3 row segment. It’s also the best selling premium SUV in North America, and shares a world-platform with Honda Pilot and Ridgeline, another profile shadow drawing in Honda’s design portfolio.

Getting rid of the box look

American Honda’s general manager is excited about Pilot’s future in the light truck lineup. Reading between the lines of Jeff Conrad’s latest announcement: We discover that 2016 Pilot will be about more! More innovations, greater styling, premium features and greater family utility. Honda Pilot sales were up 8.6% for 2014. Will Honda carry the look of this vehicle throughout the lite truck lineup?

We believe the sales trend will continue as long as fuel prices remain low in North America. However, with an interior and exterior styling redesign, greater fuel economy, a bit more power and “more” standard features, Honda Pilot sales will not be as heavily influenced by the price of gasoline.