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2016 Honda HRV crossover driving toward ‘green’ designation

What’s it take for a compact crossover to be designated “Green”?

As announced Wednesday by American Honda Motors, 2016 Honda HRV crossover is in the front running for “Green Car Journal’s SUV of the Year” award. In publication since 1992, Green Car Journal is the benchmark for automotive “green” journals, and it’s recognition and subsequent award coveted throughout the automotive industry.

For me fuel economy is a bonus when it comes to HR-V utility

Torque News reported extensively on the Honda Fit based 2016 HR-V crossover, going as far as to loading this capable 5 door crossover with camping gear and heading off to the lake for the weekend. Granted, it’s “cool” enough, albeit, perhaps slightly underpowered for many Honda enthusiasts. None the less, this coupe inspired compact crossover is outselling the dynamic Fit by nearly 3 to 1. Has the market spoken?

Here’s what Honda’s Mr. Jeff Conrad has to say about HR-V:"With class-leading fuel economy ratings and interior space, the Honda HR-V compact crossover is a great choice to replace larger, less fuel-efficient vehicles,” said Jeff Conrad, Honda Division senior vice president and general manager. "The HR-V also fulfills the Honda brand's promise to deliver both fun-to-drive enjoyment with outstanding fuel efficiency." Thank you Mr. Conrad.

I found power and performance to be more than adequate

In a growing field of turbocharged 4 cylinder or V6 gasoline compact SUVs and crossovers, 2016 HR-V comes to market with an adequate 1.8 liter Civic inspired i-VTEC 4 cylinder gasoline engine, a choice of 6 speed manual transmission, CVT transmission and CR-V derived real-time AWD.( all-wheel-drive) I like the coupe inspired driving environment and near invisible rear door body line.

Green Car Magazine looks to near zero emissions and average MPG

According to American Honda Motors: “The HR-V has an EPA city/highway fuel economy rating1 of 28/35 miles per gallon when equipped with front-wheel drive, and 27/32 miles per gallon when equipped with Real Time AWD™. When equipped with a 6-speed manual transmission and front-wheel drive, the HR-V has an EPA city/highway fuel economy rating1 of 25/34 miles per gallon.

2016 Honda HRV crossover driving toward "green" designation

When considering the near zero environmental impact of state of the art Honda manufacturing practices, and the *Ultra Low Emissions Vehicle (LEV2 ULEV) rating, 2016 Honda HRV crossover may be the best choice for consumers looking to reduce their carbon footprint while continuing to enjoy the versatility of a well designed and fun to drive compact crossover.