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2016 Honda HR-V formula for success: Less=More

It’s those little things that you don’t see when viewing 2016 Honda HR-V that truly make Honda’s newest crossover an exciting automotive development.


In the case of HR-V: Granted, we find measurable tech and active safety value in this Fit platformed CUV, and arguably, with an MSRP($19,115 to $ 25,840) shadowing Honda CR-V and Fit, this sub compact CUV is an exceptional purchase or lease value. After experiencing HR-V first hand, we’d be hard pressed to find a greater subcompact crossover value on the market today.

Sometimes less is more, but you have to look for it

While attending Honda’s Miami press reveal, we put on the night vision goggles, made our way up to the exhibit platform and did just a bit of clandestine research. Interested in the suspension underpinnings, and mechanical inner workings of this sub-compact Real Time ™ all-wheel-drive CUV, we inched our way under HR-V to spend some intimate one on one time with one of Honda’s newest breakthrough developments.

It’s that inner automotive engineer that comes out in most if not all of the auto-obsessed. looking under the hood of HR-V we discovered a vast engine room of unusual proportion and access, relatively heavy suspension components and what appeared to be an active, or at the least isolated front engine mount with adjusters. What was Honda up to, and how did they build a dimensionally larger than Fit CUV on the Fit “World Platform?” Would there be a future HR-V Sport Turbo or Hybrid down the road?

Less dead weight, less frame weight, less bounce per mile = exceptional ride, quiet and stability

Looking to HR-V specifications, Honda utilizes Advanced Compatibility Engineering(ACE ™) body structure, to ensure high rigidity, greater crash test passenger safety cage integrity, and lighter overall vehicle weight through the use (27%) of advanced ultra-light steel. Furthermore, Honda engineering has measurably reduced wheel hop and road vibration transfer to the cabin through the utilization of cast alloy wheel, braking and suspension components resulting in a much larger feeling vehicle ride experience. Read our latest HR-V review here.

Amplitude reactive dampers

Fancy jargon for dual stage shock absorbing? perhaps. We've experienced this technology throughout the Honda and Acura lineup and can’t say enough good things about it. It's especially effective in Honda and Acura Divisions subcompact and compact lineup. Amplitude reactive dampers ensure less! Less bounce per mile than a comparably priced and equipped CUV, providing more! More comfort, more quiet and greater road handling. We liked it in this car.

Fabric molded belly pan

What is that image in the photo, and what is its purpose? Well, the captured photo is a picture of the first production( that we know of) fabric/ fiber molded belly pan. It’s intended purpose according to Japan Honda R&D is sound deadening. They claim it to be put in place to reduce road noise transference to the cabin of HR-V. We don’t know what it’s made off, and Honda’s not telling. We further believe that the “ sound blanket” most likely contributes to the aerodynamic down force and subsequent road stability of HR-V without substantially increasing vehicle weight. again less is more when it comes to Honda’s latest CUV offering.


HondaPro Jason (not verified)    May 6, 2015 - 11:38PM

So much great information about the all new and very cool 2016 Honda HRV. I so interested in the Fabric molded belly pan

Parks McCants    May 7, 2015 - 12:21PM

In reply to by HondaPro Jason (not verified)

Yo Jason. Good to see you in Cinci... Actually, the video with you in the back of HR-V explaining the "Magic Seat" is one of my favorites. Keep those great vids coming... Well done, informative and fun!

Yes, Honda utilizes some interesting technologies while holding the line on affordable, quality built offerings. See you around the water cooler.

JeffS (not verified)    May 7, 2015 - 10:10AM

In reply to by Mike (not verified)

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, however I beg to differ. Have you heard of the NSX or RLX? You do know the CRV won MT SUV of the year. Honda is about to release the new Civic, and for the performance minded a new SI and bringing the Type R from across the pond. Many reviews from the best Auto Mags state the CVT Honda uses is, "State of the Art". The HR-V to which this article addresses is expected to be a huge success. Fits are flying out the door. S'cuse me, less and less relevant?

JeffsS (not verified)    May 7, 2015 - 1:24PM

In reply to by Parks McCants

Hey Parks. You bring an interesting notion to mind. Might Honda be planning an expansion of their SI line? Maybe produce a Fit and HR-V SI? Pure speculation, but your comment about a, "possible" sports version of the HR-V got me to thinking. The, "Amplitude reactive dampers" are magic. Compliant during sane driving, hunker down nice when called upon. The, "ACE" body structure is noticeable as it makes for a very, "Tight" and solid car, that is extremely agile, (not to mention the safety advantages). Finally the, "Belly pan", Talk about innovative and relevant. Many cars these days are using, "Belly pans" for aerodynamics and to help protect components, a light bulb went off over a designer's head at Honda, (why not add some sound deadening in the process, let's kill 2 birds with one stone). Who knows what other (ir)relevant(?), innovations Acura/Honda has in store? Didn't I read somewhere the Type R holds the front drive record at Nurburgring? Sounds pretty impressive and relevant to me. Have a Good day there Mr. Parks.

Parks McCants    May 7, 2015 - 8:05PM

In reply to by JeffsS (not verified)

Hey JeffS. Yes, I believe that the manufacturing of a state-side line of EarthDreams turbocharged engines will cross over into many models with an "S" and eventually a U.S. "R" variant. However, you may wish to keep in mind that the U.S. bound Type R is not the current Euro- offering. It will be based on the 2016 Civic concept "world-car" platform as recently introduced by Honda. None the less, the performance side of Honda is expanding. Take care.

JeffS (not verified)    May 7, 2015 - 8:17PM

In reply to by Parks McCants

I understand that the Type R won't be the same as the euro model. The point I was trying to make was the, "Technology" Honda put together to grab the Title at Nurburgring is pretty, "relevant" stuff.
Whatever ends up as Honda's Type R offering here in the States it is sure to be impressive and, "relevent". I've read a couple of speculations that a version of the 2.4 may be used in the SI. Anyway, point is there is plenty of innovation going on at Honda from the bottom to the top. Preaching to the choir, "Plenty of significant relevance here". Sometimes I tend to flog a dead horse. Have a good night Fella.