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2016 Honda Civic Reflections: Almost perfect

It’s those little details that we miss while shopping for a new car, that can and most often do elevate or diminish a specific brand offering above or bellow the roof line of the competition. How’s your 2016 Honda Civic holding up?

The “2016 Car of The Year,” Honda Civic Sedan, while coming very close to the mark, according to the few less than elated buyers crossing our virtual reality path, may come off the showroom floor with a minor shortcoming or two. A car, is a car, is a car, unless it’s your car!

On the whole, when measured bumper to bumper against the competition in the midsize sedan and coupe class, 2016 Honda Civic is darn near, dare I say it, perfect. Or, as perfect as a compact sedan or coupe priced under $30,000 can be! As far as safety recalls, 2016 Honda Civic in all trim variants records a mere 2 -- an initial 2.0 Liter 4 cylinder engine piston wrist pin cir clip -- and a dysfunctional LED side marker light -- both long mitigated.

It’s those nagging little details

Depending on how discerning a new car owner is, it’s generally those annoying finish and trim details that nag at one’s sensibility -- resulting sometime in buyer’s remorse, a second thought or two, if you will, as to not only the initial quality of that new car purchase, but the trouble-free longevity of one’s chosen ride. Read my latest 2016 Honda Civic drive review here.2016_Honda_Civic_Coupe_McCantsWhen they build the perfect car

The vast majority of our 10th generation Honda Civic specific readers rain praise on the maker’s latest and greatest Civic manifestation. But could it be better? Certainly, how much money are you willing to spend for your next mid-priced compact?

Why is the 3rd brake light reflection shield hanging in my rearview mirror?

Good question! Let’s take a look.