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2015 Honda Accord Hybrid rates higher than Volt and Tesla for Green Car value

2015 Honda Accord has made Kelley Blue Book's “10 Best Green Cars” list for 2015. Looks like gasoline hybrids may be a greater overall purchase value than stand alone EVs and hybrid plugins.

This is the second year running that Honda Accord Hybrid is acknowledged by consumers and the writers of KBB, as a “10 Best Green Cars” value. When considering the initial purchase price, manufactured quality, residual trade in value and average fuel economy, Honda Accord Hybrid landed at #5 on a list of fierce competitors.

Top 10 Green Car recognition, consumers have spoken

While Torque News isn't privy to Kelley Blue Book’s weights and measures when it comes to assessing the top 10 'Green' cars on the planet, we do recognize Honda Accord Hybrid as an exceptionally refined and sometimes silent drive and ride experience. In-fact, and apparently the folks at Kelley Blue Book agree, we believe that 2015 Honda Accord Hybrid is the most refined Accord drive and ride experience produced to date.

As quoted by the writers of Kelley Blue Book:"The Honda Accord is one of the best values in the American auto market, and we expressed our admiration for the model by naming it our Kelley Blue Book Best Buy in the hotly contested midsize car category," said Jack Nerad, executive market analyst and executive editorial director for Kelley Blue Book's "So when you take all that goodness -- fun-to-drive, great ergonomics and stellar reliability -- and add a sophisticated powertrain that has a 50 mpg fuel economy rating, you have a very compelling proposition."

The first time Torque News Honda drove Accord Hybrid, we were immediately taken by it’s seemingly unlimited across the range torque, and often silent drive capabilities. For us, the icing on the cake that is Honda Accord Hybrid, was the fact that we noted little to no movement of the fuel gauge during our initial 60 mile romp through combined surface street and highway driving. Read about our accord Hybrid adventure here.

While Accord Hybrid is limited to a mile or two of electric-only driving, we rarely noted the start of the gasoline engine in city traffic. Rated at MPG 50 city/ 45 highway/ 47 combined, Honda Accord Hybrid out comforts and out performs Toyota Prius while recording greater fuel economy. However, Honda Accord Hybrid does not come in a hatchback variant.

Note: Although consumers gave Accord Hybrid a slightly higher satisfaction rating than Toyota Prius, Prius takes the #4 spot with a greater trim selection and the lowest priced Hybrid in North America, Prius C.

BMW, EV plugin takes #1 spot

You may read the the “10 Best Green Cars of 2015” results here. You’ll find a couple of surprises on it.