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2014 Honda Accord evolved from humble Civic lineage

As earlier reported by Torque News, Honda’s Accord has won Car and Driver’s “10 Best Car” for 2014. For the Accord Hybrid we can add “green car of the year” and more. What makes the Accord such a recognizable value in the midsize auto classification?

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Back in 1978, Honda decided to develop a companion for the young upstart Civic. They would name the new model Accord, in recognition of Honda’s goal to reach a “ peaceful accord” among all humanity. True story...

As Car and Driver, Green Car Journal and Kelly Blue Book pile on the latest round of praise and accolades for the soon to be mid sized car of the year in North America, I’m reminded that I've yet to meet an Accord owner that isn't happy with the reliability and performance of Honda’s cornerstone. The Accord has been voted to C&D’s 10 best list 17 years running; more than any other sedan on the planet. On a personal note, the Accord in various manifestations has resided in my extended family for over 30 years. And many of them were driven until the wheels fell off at 300,000 miles or so.

What makes Accord so popular with the automotive press and Accord owners, is its consistency of dependability packaged in an aesthetically pleasing well dressed reasonable performance package. You can work bog in it Monday through Friday, wash it Saturday and take it out to dinner without reservation. The car looks great, and with a few personal touches, fantastic.

Now in its 9th generation, today’s Accord has very little to no resemblance to the car that took Honda from its place in American automotive history as an entry level utilitarian transportation vehicle, to the 18th largest automotive manufacturer on the planet. Don’t cry for Honda, they've been the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer since 1948.

The 2014 Civic Si and Accord Coupe demonstrates the logical engineering and design progression that is Honda of North America. This is the new “golden age” of automotive design.

Initially conceived by Honda as a car to compete with Ford’s Mustang in the 6 cylinder mid-sized performance car niche, Honda introduced the 1976 Accord as an up-sized companion for the already popular Honda Civic. Civic, with Honda’s pioneering CVCC engine technology had captured the pocket book and imaginations of American drivers that required affordable quality and reasonable gas mileage.

The Civic provided bullet proof reliable and was fun to drive. For a few bucks one could drive the car for a week. Happy times for Americans dealing with the first round of oil embargo and EPA driven consumer awareness of the autos’ effect on the environment. The new Accord took it up a notch with a bit more interior room, creature comforts and power.

By 1989 Accord was the best selling car in the U.S..

Manufactured in Marysville Ohio since 1981, the Honda Accord is as American as mom and apple pie. As reported earlier by Torque News, Honda will export 20-30% of all Honda automobiles produced in North America, including the Accord, Civic and CRV. This is not only a salute to American manufacturing, but confirmation that the domestic produced Accord meets or exceeds stringent Japanese engineering standards. As early as 1997, American manufactured Accord sedans have been exported to Japan.

By any measure, the 2014 Accord Coupe or Sedan is a great American manufactured car, worthy of your consideration. According to Kelley Blue Book, the Accord will once again hold the highest resale value of any used midsize car in North America.

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