A Wife of a Tesla Fan Gives Her Honest Review of the Tesla Model Y
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A Wife of a Tesla Fan Gives Her Honest Review of the Tesla Model Y

There is a video review from the wife of a well known Tesla bull. She gives an honest review of the Model Y.

Review of the Tesla Model Y

After one year, the wife of Andy Slye gives her review of a 2022 Tesla Model Y. It is mostly driven by his wife, and he asks her what her favorite things are about it.

The first thing is that it is a great road trip car. They have traveled all over Michigan, Indiana, Washington D.C., and more. The car has been packed to the gills, according to her, and there was enough room for everything.

The car is a nice riding and comfortable car. She feels very safe in the car with her daughter, and they feel like they are in a very sturdy and safe place.

She put 12 bags of mulch in the back of the car, and it fit without a problem. She has had to clean up after her toddler and the cleaning was no problem.

She's never had a car with heated seats, steering, or any luxury features. She can control the climate of the car with the Tesla app on her phone without having to be in the car.

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More About the Model Y

His wife doesn't do too much with the screen. You actually don't have to use the screen much in the Model Y - or any Tesla in order to use it. The Model Y has a large center screen with tons of options if you do want to use it.

Not many cars have the storage of the Model Y, both in the front and in the back. The back has enough storage that someone 6 feet tall could sleep in when you put the seats back.

The Model Y is compatible with a CCS charging adapter, and this allows them to charge the car at other places that use CCS charging.

Unfortunately, she doesn't use Autopilot anymore because the car phantom breaks. She was driving home from her parent's house, and she was being tailgated. The car phantom braked. A cow bell sound went on, and she was trying to turn down the volume, but wasn't able to.

The cow bell is a standard Tesla feature. When someone is riding your tail, and you are in a Tesla that phantom brakes, that can be an issue. I've had this happen before in my Tesla Model 3 RWD, 2022. Sometimes the car reads a speed limit sign in the wrong place, and it slows down to 45 mph instead of 65 to 70 mph in a freeway zone, and this isn't good.

There are plenty of Superchargers for a Tesla, but there aren't many close to them yet. They always make sure they are fully charged before driving on a road trip.

When they first got the car, there were some minor things that needed to be fixed. The battery needed to be fixed, and the range of the Tesla Model Y and any Tesla can be less if you drive in the cold. The battery also degrades over time, and this is known.

They got 232 miles of range on a charge in their Tesla Model Y long range on an entire road trip. If you drive over 65 miles per hour, you will get greatly reduced range in your vehicle. I always drive between 65 and 69 miles on the freeway. Doing this saves a lot of range with my Model 3 RWD and will with the Tesla Model Y. I get less than 200 watt-hours per mile.

They think the Model Y is worth it for them to use. The pros outweigh the cons for them. I agree with that as well.

What do you think of the Tesla Model Y?

Here is their full video review:

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