Why Tesla Vehicles Could Triple In Value Over Night
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Why Tesla Vehicles Could Triple In Value Over Night

Tesla vehicles have come down in price recently. However, there is one thing that could triple their value over night.

Tesla Vehicles

Tesla recently cut prices on its vehicle - across the world - on all models, including the Model 3 and Model Y - these price cuts were needed in order to create more demand and keep Tesla selling at record numbers at a reduced price and still have a large gross margin for its vehicle business.

Tesla vehicles are some of the most advanced vehicles on the road today. There are a few things that make this so. The first is the safety features on a Tesla. When you are driving, you see your vehicle on the screen surrounded by cars. You get this for free.

Your vehicle knows where you are in proximity to all other objects and cars at all times. When you get too close to an object, you will get a forward collision warning and notified that you are too close.

This warning is one of many things a Tesla vehicle will do to keep you safe. If you are using its Autopilot feature while on the freeway, your vehicle will slow down for other vehicles in front of you and keep a safe distance.

Tesla vehicles also charge with a battery, which is less expensive than using gasoline. The wear and tear on a Tesla vehicle is less due to not having a gas engine in the front causing pressure on the frame of the car while running.

Finally, there is FSD - Tesla's Full Self-Driving software, which will drive you anywhere from Point A to Point B. This software will swerve to avoid animals, pedestrians, and other vehicles. Tesla's goal with this software is to release it out of beta and make each vehicle autonomous.

Right now, Tesla vehicles are not autonomous and require driver supervision and intervention when necessary.

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What Could Triple the Value of a Tesla Vehicle

Tesla vehicle values could triple overnight. It's quite possible for a Model 3 that is worth $30,000 today to jump to $90,000 in value. How is this possible?

This becomes possible when the car reaches autonomy level 4 or higher and doesn't require a human driver to supervise the vehicle. When this happens, the car is worth 3 times or more for these reasons.

The first reason is that instead of sitting in your garage or apartment parking for most of the day, the car can drive around and take people on rides. People can pay Tesla and mostly you to have your car function as an Uber driver with no human being involved.

That allows your car to drive when you are sleeping and not riding in it yourself. I see many videos today of people using Tesla FSD without having to intervene. Of course, there are videos of it making mistakes too - Tesla cars aren't autonomous and aren't going to triple in value this year - most likely.

However, I believe one day they will. Tesla will have to do a few things to enable this, however. They will need to set up service, maintenance, and automatic charging for the vehicles. Something will need to clean off the cameras and charge them. Tesla needs infrastructure and people setup (or partner with other companies) who will handle these things.

Look for some time in the future when Tesla vehicles greatly increase in value. If and when it does, it will be a great time to be a Tesla vehicle owner.

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