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Unlocking the Easiest Upgrade Every Tesla Needs

There is an easy upgrade that can be added for every Tesla - and this is one every Tesla owner needs.

Unlocking an upgrade for the Tesla

There is an upgrade that can be done to a Tesla that every owner should have. This Tesla owner did it to her Model 3.

There is a plastic trim under the connector for the center screen that needs a tool to access. Kim's Model 3 is ancient, and the tool wasn't able to do it, so she got a metal pick.

Once she unplugged the sensor for the center screen, she had access to the entire setup for it. She disconnected the bolts in order to fully access the center screen. There is a law that protects the consumer with repairs and modifications. Tesla would have to prove that your modification was the problem for the vehicle. This mod can be reversed quickly.

With the bolts out of the center screen, she was able to pull it out. After wiggling it, she got the screen off. It was connected by a single connection in the middle. She powered the screen off and began the modification of her Model 3.

She unscrewed additional bolts on the base for the center screen. After that, she disconnected the main connector for the center screen. Now she installed the new center screen connector that is going to do something special.

It is going to allow the center screen in the Model 3 to swivel and move around. This is useful for anyone who wants to see the screen better or have better access to it.

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A favorite feature upgraded to the Model 3

Adding a swivel motion to the Model 3 center screen is pretty easy. You simply need to power off the screen and unscrew some bolts and connectors. Then you install the swivel device and put the connections back together and screw them in.

There is a plastic covering for the swivel mechanism that goes on the back of the center screen and once you screw that on, you can connect it to the base. Once that is done, then you have a center screen that can be moved left and right, up and down, for better viewing and usage.

Kim also added a little console behind her steering wheel. This is something that doesn't come standard with Tesla vehicles. She also took off a screen protector that was cracking. She put the screen in screen clean mode and put on a new screen protector.

This screen protector was not glass and simply attached. Again, this custom modification is pretty easy and as long as you don't wreck your Tesla with it, Tesla won't be able to use this against you if you take in your Tesla for repair.

What do you think of this modification of a swivel screen for the Model 3? Should this be a standard feature that comes with it?

For more information, see this video from Kim Java:

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Image Credit, Kim Java, Screenshot