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Tesla Superchargers Getting Wifi - Allowing Cars to Do Over the Air Updates

We see a picture of a Starlink Dish at a Tesla Supercharger showing that internet is coming to Superchargers, allowing Tesla vehicles to do over the air updates.

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Tesla Superchargers Getting Internet

There's a picture of a Starlink dish which allows Tesla vehicles to do over the air updates at a Tesla Supercharger. This is a great idea - especially in areas where most people live in apartments.

According to a Twitter user, this station has download speeds of about 134.12 Mbps. This particular location is near Los Angeles, California.

Tesla Superchargers are part of Tesla's EV (electric vehicle) charging network, the largest of its kind in the world. One benefit of Tesla's Supercharger stations is that they are always up and don't have problems like many other chargers do.

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Will All Superchargers Get This?

Will other Superchargers get this? I think in areas where people mostly live in apartments will get Internet at Superchargers. This will make it easier to do over the air updates without having to get an extender for the home Wi-Fi.

I live in a Condo and I bought a powerful extender and it has just enough range to get to my car in the parking garage. I would imagine for people living a floor above me, it might not be possible to reach their Tesla vehicle.

I think we'll see more Starlink stations and Internet at Superchargers in California first before it spreads to other locations.

What do you think of this Starlink terminal at a Supercharger? Will more Tesla locations have this?

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Image Credit, Tesla, Screenshot

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