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Tesla Shows Off V4 Superchargers: 1,000 Volts, 1,000 MW Charging, and a Longer Cable

Tesla's V4 Superchargers are shown in the Netherlands and they are larger than the V3 Superchargers with a longer cable, and faster charging.

Tesla Superchargers: V4 Improvements

Tesla Charging, a Twitter account that shows off everything Tesla is doing with its Superchargers, has shared a picture of its first V4 Supercharging stations in Harderwijk, in the Netherlands.

The V4 stalls are open to Tesla vehicles so that Tesla can do testing and evaluate the performance. Tesla will eventually open this set of Superchargers to other EVs and has announced that they will be building V4 Superchargers all across Europe.

There are some improvements that you can see with these Superchargers. First off, the charging cable is attached to the side of the stall and is much longer. This is going to be good for EVs that have a charge port on the side of their vehicle and not on the front or back.

Secondly, the stalls look a little bigger and sturdier, which could hint that they can offer more kW charging than the V3 Superchargers. Tesla has not officially stated how much maximum throughput these chargers can put out, but I wouldn't be surprised to see rates of 500 to 1,000 kW or more for vehicles that can handle it.

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Tesla Superchargers: Massive Upgrade

One Twitter noted that with the larger cabinet size of the charger, that these chargers could enable up to 1 MW charging for vehicles that could handle that. This is a good amount of charging and will be good for larger vehicles like the Model S, Model X, Cybertruck, and an eventual Tesla robo van for those with disabilities.

These chargers will have a 1,000 volt maximum and has confirmed that there is a longer cable. One of the reasons Tesla made their V4 Superchargers was to be able to accommodate other EVs. The reason 1,000 volts has been used is for increased charging speeds. This will allow Tesla to be the largest EV charging network in the world. So far, they are succeeding in this.

These chargers are a massive upgrade from the V3 Superchargers. They will also have the Magic Dock, which is a CCS adapter that is hidden in the Supercharger and will only come out if you have a non Tesla EV. Tesla did the right thing, having a longer cable so that there aren't issued reaching the charge ports on EVs.

Tesla has taken another step to being the leader in charging for EVs. The perception is that Tesla's Superchargers are more reliable, faster, and of higher quality. Tesla also has first mover advantage. People will pay more to use a Tesla Supercharger because the experience is better.

What do you think of the V4 Superchargers? Are they a nice upgrade from V3?

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