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Tesla Putting Cameras in Headlights With New Hardware Setup - Better For FSD

Tesla vehicles are being shown with a camera in the headlight and if this is really happening, this is a good thing for FSD.


Tesla Camera in Headlight

There's a picture showing a new Tesla Model X camera inside the headlight, and it looks like new models of Tesla vehicles that don't have the ultrasonic sensors have a lot of camera units - more than usual.

Did you know: That the Tesla Model X Plaid is the fastest SUV in the world and drives like a sports car?

This appears to be the first glimpse of the new cameras found in the Tesla Model X with Tesla's Hardware 4 onboard. There are many individuals who have taken photos of their new Tesla of what were believed to be new cameras throughout California over the last few weeks.

However, these people were either on company-owned vehicles or vehicles that were not yet delivered to customers. Tesla is in a transition phase to its Hardware 4 setup. There have been multiple reports from the Twitter account, Teslascope, showing this.

Some of the photos show a vehicle with ultrasonic sensors, which would go against the statement that only vehicle without ultrasonic sensors are getting the new Hardware 4 cameras.

Regardless of what is going on here, we know Tesla is moving to a new hardware setup and that the Cybertruck is going to have Hardware 4 and much better cameras. It will be 1,000 times safer than the average human driver at some point.

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Why This Is Good for FSD

You might be wondering why it is a big deal for Tesla to have a camera in the front headlights. For starters, having a camera here gives the Tesla vehicle a much greater view and visibility of what is going on, especially when there are obstructed left or right-hand turns.

In Chuck Cook's famous unprotected left-hand turn, the car has to creep quite a bit forward in order to get the visibility needed to make the turn. Having a camera on each side of the front headlights gives the car another couple feet of length outward to view what is going on. This is a good thing.

I wouldn't be surprised to see Tesla put cameras all the way on the back of the car sides as well, so that when one is backing out, there is much greater visibility there as well. Often, when I am backing out of a parking lot with a lot of cars, I have to creep very slowly to see if anybody is coming from the left or right. Having cameras that show the sides solves this.

Look for these extra cameras and visibility to accelerate the progress for FSD for Tesla. I still believe we'll see our first driverless cars next year sometime, and see no reason to change that prediction - even if the vehicles drive in San Francisco or some area that Tesla has the most training data for.

What do you think of the camera in the headlight of the Tesla Model X? Will this help Tesla FSD?

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Image Credit, Teslascope, Screenshot