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Tesla Model Y, Track Mode, To Leave ICE Cars In the Dust

There is a new feature of the Tesla Model Y that will further separate it from its ICE car equivalents.


New Model Y Feature - Track Mode

This is one of the coolest features to be added to the Tesla Model Y in over a year. This feature is going to leave ICE cars in the dust. You can actually recycle your battery pack even if it has no charge or has died. Don't throw your battery out - someone will pay you money for it.

There are some wacky myths believed about electric vehicles (EVs). Some believe nuclear is a viable fuel for the future. As an only fuel, that is not the case. Battery storage and energy continues to go down in price as does solar, making them the two primary means to generate energy from an economical standpoint.

Back to this new feature. Driving fast is one of the advantages of EVs, especially Tesla vehicles. You can really accelerate fast, even in a Model Y, which is an SUV. There is no lag and immediate feedback when you press the accelerator in an EV. This makes EVs that function as regular cars act as performance cars.

Handling suffers in an ICE SUV due to the engine being in the front and the car sitting up higher. They have finally put track mode in the Model Y, which will allow you to race the Model Y and show that it is a performance car.

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Leaving ICE in the Dust

This is part of a new holiday update. Track mode doesn't cost anything and just gets added to your Model Y for free. Other owners are asked to subscribe and pay for updates, but Tesla is giving track mode for free. So, what is track mode and what was added in the latest over the air update?

First, you can play thousands of games. That's great, especially as Tesla works on FSD and robotaxis. Track mode is a difficult feature, according to Elon Musk. For the Model Y Performance, this is now changed. Track mode is a great, free feature.

EVs have the advantage of regenerative braking. Tesla vehicles have proper regenerative braking, allowing energy to get put back into the battery. When the Model Y made track mode, it made it easier to monitor the status of your car and monitor the battery, brakes, and tires, in order to have feedback in real time.

This allows you to toggle a series of settings for your vehicle, such as handling balance and other things. Very few car manufacturers will allow you to drive your car on a race track. It's incredible to think that the Tesla Model Y can be configured to drive on a race track.

Track mode allows you to save up to 20 different profiles across a multitude of settings. Is the track mode feature useful? Would you race a Model Y on the race track?

For more information, see this video from The Electric Viking:

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