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The Tesla Model 3 Is Rarely Stolen - Here's Why

Data released from the HDLI for 2022 shows that the Tesla Model 3 AWD was the least stolen car in the U.S. Here's why.


Tesla Model 3 - Least Stolen Car

The HDLI, known as the Highway Loss Data Institute, compiled a list of data that include every vehicle in its analysis with what is called an RCF score (relative claim frequency). This score is given to a vehicle based on how many cars are owned compared to how many stolen claims were filed for that car.

When you look at the data, which spans 2020-2022, you get some interesting results. First off, the Model 3 and Model Y are number 1 and 2 in this list with the least number of reported thefts. Shortly after that, at 5 and 7 in the list is the Tesla Model X and Tesla Model Y. At 20 in the list is the Tesla Model S.

Here's the list of the 20 vehicles in the analysis, along with the data capture for it:

When you see that the Tesla Model 3 AWD is in first place, you can see an RCF score of 3. There are also 3 claims.

The most stolen car is the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat, which a whopping 6,128 RCF score and 196 claims. This is a heavily stolen car, and my guess is that there must be some flaw in the security of this car and/or people just really want one. I think this video shows how fast they can be stolen if the thieves already have knowledge:

The thieves probably knew where the keys were and planned this in advance. They wanted these cars.

Here is the list of most stolen cars, according to the HDLI:

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What Makes This Car Not Stolen?

The reason the Model 3 AWD isn't stolen that much is in part that it doesn't use regular keys to open the car. If you look at a Tesla door, you will not see a keyhole anywhere. The cars are opened by a key car or the phone of the owner.

This makes it incredibly difficult to steal because even if you smashed open the window of a Tesla, you would still not be able to make the car go. Now, if someone came up with some kind of sophisticated hacking software or device, that might work, but Tesla is always updating their cars and security.

Another thing that makes stealing a Tesla difficult and risky is that the car can be tracked by the owner at all times. Unless you disable the entire computer on the Tesla, which then makes the car not usable, the owner can track it.

A Tesla owner can also set a PIN to drive the car, which means entering a code on the center console even if you somehow get past the phone or key car used to enter. This is another security layer that owners take advantage of.

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