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Tesla Launching Next Generation Megapack: What This Enables

Tesla is launching a new Megapack that will enable it to do even more. Here's what it can do.

Tesla Megapack - Next Generation

Tesla is launching a next generation of its Megapack, which is further proof that Tesla is continuing to iterate and improve its existing products.

For those who know about Tesla's auto business, you know that all of its cars are being updated in real time and that if a change is important and improves the product, it gets implemented in the assembly line as soon as humanly possible.

Megapack is Tesla's flagship Energy product and currently, utility companies are using this for large scale storage and backup, along with being able to store and sell Energy for a profit.

That's the real reason utility companies are using Megapack. It's not to "go green" or save the environment. It's for profit and the Megapack enables that along with going green as well.

Look for the Megapack to accelerate in sales, as well as additional Megapack factories around the world. Currently, there are two: one in Lathrop, California, and one announced for Shanghai, China.

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What Can It Do?

This next generation Megapack will enable it to deploy faster and commission even larger scale Energy and storage systems than any competitive product.

Tesla has industry leading controller-hardware-in-the-loop test services, which it calls the CHIL platform. This speeds up development time while reducing risk. It is not an easy thing to do to deploy Gigawatt scale battery and hybrid renewable plants.

The reason these efficiencies matter is that Tesla's competitors are failing on control system commissioning, which causes multi-million dollar losses and multi-month delays on their projects.

Tesla's competitors also have untested RTAC controls and Tesla's innovative control system engineers create regional specific control templates, such as North America and Australia, that are CHIL tested and approved.

Tesla's approach provides EPC's with turnkey control solutions that work the first time and meet the needs of large plants and the interconnectivity required.

Part of why the Megapack product is great is that it is easy to use and easy to transport. Tesla also provides support for the product, just like it does for its vehicles.

What do you think of Tesla's Megapack improvements? Will this give Tesla a greater lead when it comes to energy?

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