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Tesla FSD Is About To Remove the Steering Wheel Nag Prompt

We have a Tweet from Elon Musk saying that Tesla will remove the steering wheel nag for its FSD software, but only in a certain case.


Tesla FSD and Steering Wheel Nag

In a question by Whole Mars Catalog, he asked that users with more than 10,000 miles on FSD Beta have the choice to turn off the steering wheel nag.

What is the steering wheel nag? It is a Tesla prompt on their center console that tells you to apply force to the steering wheel. The reason for this is to keep you paying attention.

This applies to both Tesla FSD and to Autopilot. In my Model 3 RWD, when I use auto pilot, about every 30 to 45 seconds, I get a blue flashing warning on the center screen that says to apply force to the steering wheel.

There is a little trick you can do where you don't have to grab the steering wheel. Just push the right scroll wheel up and down one to change the miles per hour. That will satisfy the steering wheel nag.

Tesla has a lot of safety measures in place, both structurally and otherwise to keep you safe in the car and there are safety measures with its software to keep you safe as well.

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What Will Be Removed

Elon Musk has stated that the steering wheel nag will be removed for users with more than 10,000 miles on FSD Beta. That means a pretty experienced user who has shown responsibility and paying attention.

This would not be a good idea to have as an option for someone first using FSD Beta. The reason being is that some people would try to take advantage of the system right off the bat and that could lead to some problems.

Tesla will still have cabin camera monitoring while using FSD Beta software, meaning that your eyes must be on the road and not on your phone or looking elsewhere, except straight ahead.

I think an FSD Beta user who has over 20,000 miles could have an option to turn off cabin camera monitoring. That would allow them to drive flexibally without having to worry about touching the steering wheel or keeping their eyes ahead.

It's a risky thing still, for Tesla to do because the moment there is a crash with FSD Beta, there is going to be a lot of media attention and possibly lawsuits involved. That is why Tesla is so intentional with its safety monitoring for its FSD and Autopilot software.

I think this is a good update. I know when I'm driving, it's annoying to keep having to touch the steering wheel, even if it is just the right scroll button. But I can see the reasoning. I could be tempted to start doing other things and not pay attention while Autopilot is on and that could lead to an accident.

What do you think about the steering wheel nag going away? Is this a good move by Tesla?

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Image Credit, Screenshot From My Model 3


Dr. Rod Donovan (not verified)    January 12, 2023 - 8:54AM

I love my Contessa, but boy does she nag, nag, nag. A 1.5 lb. ankle weight wrapped to the right or left of the steering wheel works great and is cheap. I do keep my hands next to the wheel, but I do enjoy the extra mobility. Drop the nag Elon. Just have us sign a disclaimer and be done with it.....

Dr. Rod Donovan