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Tesla Cybertruck: Powered Frunk Shown In Video Along With Folded Mirrors and How the Doors Work

The Tesla Cybertruck is seen with the operation of its powered frunk, along with folded mirrors and opening and closing doors.


Tesla Cybertruck - Powered Frunk, Folded Mirrors, and Doors

Drone flying around Giga Texas is something that has proven to be very helpful in showing off the Cybertruck lately. In this particular drone flight, we get to see the Tesla Cybertruck in action and how its frunk, mirrors, and doors work.

The first part of this video shows people exiting the Cybertruck at Giga Texas and opening up the chart port for charging. The charge port is located at the up right portion of the back left tire.

The frunk is a powered frunk, meaning that it can open and close itself without needing a human to manually do anything, except press the button on the controls to do it. You can see in this video the three people that were inside the Cybertruck doing what appears to be some testing and measurements of the frunk.

You can also see that the mirrors are folded in, which means the Cybertruck has the ability to fold in its mirrors just like any other Tesla vehicle.

The doors are without the typical Tesla door handles, which are generally a flat outline on the side of the door. With the Cybertruck, instead, there looks to be some kind of button or area to be scanned that allowed the back door to be opened. With the front door, my guess is that this is how it will work too, but they left it about an inch open in this video, most likely for convenience.

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Additional Controls For the Cybertruck

The Cybertruck is going to have a powered bed area, with a guard that can be retracted and put down in order to cover the truck bed. Most likely, there will be a button somewhere near the bed of the truck that makes this operation possible.

The Cybertruck will most likely have automatic locking and opening doors, based on the proximity of a user with the Tesla app, just like other Tesla vehicles function.

There was once talk of additional add-ons for the Cybertruck and even a special add-ons team at Tesla that would handle the creation and integration of additional add-ons for the Cybertruck, but no news or leaks of that have been heard recently.

When the Cybertruck is pulling a trailer, I think it may be tricky to charge the Cybertruck at a V3 supercharger because the cables are only 6.5 feet long there. However, at the new V4 superchargers, there will be 10 foot long immersion-cooled cables that I think will reach the charger, even if the Cybertruck pulls in all the way.

Beyond that, there is plenty of speculation about the variants, range, costs, and more, and you can read about that in my Cybertruck: complete guide.

Be sure to come back often for more additional news on the Tesla Cybertruck and updates in the EV space!

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What do you think about the Cybertruck and its powered frunk, folded mirrors, and doors? Are you looking forward to the delivery event?

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