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Stunning New LED Headlights Installation on Tesla

We see some jaw dropping new LED headlights being installed on a new Tesla and they are much better than the original headlights.

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New LED Headlights Installed

We have a video with some do-it-yourself Tesla headlights and the results are jaw dropping. How was Kim able to take the headlights on a Tesla out and replace them with a brand-new replacement plug and play LED projecter headlights?

If you're not a handy type of person, you can get these installed by someone else, but it will cost to pay for the labor. These new LED headlights are a unique upgrade for a Model 3 or Model Y vehicle.

The current technology is reflector headlights and is an older technology. The new headlights look better and don't have as much glare. The original headlights have a blinding light when other drivers see it at night, and the new headlights have less glare and blinding effect.

Getting access to the headlights required taking quite a bit of the frunk off. There are a lot of parts that snap off. Under the hood of a Tesla, it looks like a regular car for a second, but most of this is for managing the battery and coolant. You don't want to mess with any of the cables under the frunk.

More parts of the front of the car were removed in order to get access to the headlights. One thing I realized after watching this video is that it is a lot of work to get at the headlights. You have to take apart the frunk and take the front bumper off the car. It was amazing to me to see how much the car is held together by nuts and bolts.

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How Much Do They Cost?

For more information, see this video from Kim Java:

There is only one cable managing the fog lights, and it is connected to the front bumper. The new lights are a large component that connects to the small battery of the car and wedge themselves in with the exact framing of the car. You really have to know the insides of the frunk of the car in order to do this.

The light from the new LED headlights is definitely more crisp. I wonder if Tesla is taking these videos into consideration and working on designing their cars so that it is easier to plug and play headlights or other parts. My guess is Tesla will not do that, but other carmakers like Aptera could follow this for enthusiasts who like to upgrade their car like Kim.

Kim then took out the old fog lights and replaced them with the new ones. It took a lot of unscrewing and detaching parts, but with help, she was able to do it. Then, the front bumper was reattached. It had to be pressed in and then reattached with all the screws and bolts that were taken out.

Once the new headlights were in, they did look at lot better than the old headlights. The last thing to do was to put the frunk back in and attach all the screws and bolts needed.

Kim loved the headlights. It looks like these new headlights cost about $1,650. The total installation took about 2 hours with help.

For more information, see this video from Kim Java:

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Image Credit, Kim Java, Screenshot

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