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Sandy Munro Shares Thoughts About Aptera Launch Edition - He Is Pleased

Sandy Munro shared his thoughts about Aptera and its latest launch edition. He is very pleased with the results.

Aptera Launch Edition

We have a video of Sandy Munro sharing his thoughts about the Aptera launch edition vehicle. This was his first time looking at it.

Munro made a lot of suggestions for Aptera to go to castings with extrusions and he can tell that the latest design for Aptera is doing that and was better than he was hoping for. He was very happy with what is going on with the Aptera frame.

This is what he was hoping for. After talking about a variety of different methods, Aptera chose the casting with extrusions. There is a crash beam that is going to be plenty rugged. The body of the vehicle is going to be coming in from Italy and the battery pack is going to be fed up inside the vehicle.

The outside of the vehicle hasn't been changed too much - perhaps some fine-tuning is being done. Sandy Munro likes the general shape of the vehicle.

There are solar panels all over the vehicle, and any way that you can suck Energy out of the sun is being done by the Aptera vehicle. Solar panels cover the front, middle, and back.

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Care and Thought in the Vehicle

Aptera is the kind of vehicle that will let you drag around whatever you need. There is room in the back to stretch out and sleep. Sandy Munro is 5'10'' and had plenty of room. I believe the back trunk is just under 7 feet or 84 inches.

There is a yoke steering wheel and there is no block of the view in front. Everything inside the car looks great according to Sandy Munro.

There is a webbing on the seats that is there to prevent you from getting overheated on long trips. You will be able to take long trips in the Aptera, especially the 1,000-mile version. You may never need to charge with that version.

There are cupholders in the front of the vehicle that are open framed. Every pound or gram in the vehicle reduces range and mileage, and Aptera is being very conscious to keep the vehicle as light as possible.

Sandy Munro liked everything that he saw and thinks Aptera is going to be a big winner. He can't wait to get his. What do you think about Aptera - are they going to be a big winner?

For more information, see this video from Aptera:

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