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Joe Rogan and The Rock Talk about the Cybertruck and Why It's So Awesome: It's a Cyber Spaceship

In a conversation between Joe Rogan and The Rock, they talked about Elon Musk and why the Cybertruck and Tesla vehicles are so awesome. It also turns out The Rock didn't know Tesla has even an SUV or the Cybertruck.


Joe Rogan and The Rock Talking About Tesla and the Cybertruck

The Rock asked Joe Rogan about what his go-to car to drive today is, and Joe said that he has too many cars, but he loves his Tesla vehicle.

The Rock said that everyone who has a Tesla loves their Tesla. Joe said that a Tesla is a time machine, and they are really fast.

The Rock didn't know that Tesla has an SUV or even the upcoming Cybertruck for a pickup truck.

The Rock wanted to know if Tesla has a pickup truck because that is all he drives. Joe said that Tesla has an upcoming Cybertruck that is like a spaceship.

Joe said that the Cybertruck is bulletproof, able to withstand bullets, and arrow proof. The Rock laughed at that statement - probably because he was thinking of a regular bow, but Joe shot a compound bow at the truck.

The Cybertruck will also stop a 45 slug, and the whole thing is made out of steel.

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More About Joe Rogan and The Rock

Joe says the Cybertruck is just cool, and Elon Musk decided to make the coolest cyber vehicle that could ever be made. Joe Rogan mentioned spaceship and cyber many times, so I think he sees the Cybertruck as a cyber space ship.

He also said that he made the tip of the SpaceX rocket, like the tip of the one in the movie Space Balls. There was a Cybertruck recently seen hauling one of the engines for the Starship rocket.

The Rock said that Elon Musk has an idea and makes it happen.  Joe mentioned that it's incredibly difficult for something so complicated and innovative. The Cybertruck is definitely in this category, and Elon Musk has mentioned many times it has new technologies and is something Tesla has never done before. I believe Tesla will succeed with the Cybertruck, though.

The Rock asked Joe about the Cybertruck and how much it will cost, and Joe said there will be 3 versions, including a Beast Mode version with 1,100 horsepower and a 0 to 60 mph of less than 3 seconds.

Joe even said that the Model 3 RWD is still really fast, and it's the entry level Tesla. He says Tesla vehicles just go really fast and that his Tesla (a Model S Plaid) goes 0 to 60 mph in 1.9 seconds.

You could tell that The Rock was very interested in the Cybertruck because that is a vehicle he drives - pickup trucks. I think there will be a lot of people interested in the Cybertruck.

I think we'll see some pictures of The Rock with a new Cybertruck at some point in the future!

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What do you think about this short conversation between Joe Rogan and The Rock? Will The Rock get a Cybertruck?

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