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Joe Biden and the U.S. Government Just Don't Get Electric Vehicles Like Tesla Does: Joe Biden Snubs Tesla Once Again

Joe Biden just said the future of electric vehicles will be in the U.S., made by union workers. This completely ignores what Tesla has done in the U.S. with EVs.

Joe Biden on EVs and Unions in the U.S.

"The future of electric vehicles will be made in America by union workers."

This statement by Joe Biden, from his X account, snubs Tesla yet again and speaks as if there are no EVs - or hardly any EVs being made in America. Yet Tesla is making hundreds of thousands of EVs in America - and it isn't being done by unions.

Why would Joe Biden make this statement then? The reason is simple - he's tied to the unions from the legacy automakers and needs to maintain that partnership to have a chance at repeating as U.S. president.

When you look at Q1 2024 BEVs sold in the U.S., the difference in EVs from Tesla and the other big two legacy automakers is staggering:

* Tesla: 386,783
* Ford: 20,223
* GM: 16,425

Tesla is over 10x Ford and GM combined. The fact that there is no mention of Elon Musk and Tesla making EVs in the U.S. shows that this statement is simply meant for political purposes and not for the actual progress of EVs.

In fact, hybrids and gas cars are still the preferred production cars for the legacy automakers and EV production has been cut back.

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The Least Important Thing Is That Unions Make EVs

The least important part of growing EV adoption in the U.S. is not whether unions make them or not. It's whether the EVs can be made for a lower cost than gas cars and hybrids, and that they have a superior lifespan and performance compared to them.

That's precisely what Tesla is aiming for, continually working on cost declines for EVs. The Model 3 RWD is $38,990 right now, just barely over the price revealed WAY back in 2016. When you factor in inflation, the Model 3 has actually been REDUCED in price over time from the original $35,000 price.

That's because Tesla is doing what the other legacy automakers should be doing in regard to EVs: making them at scale, reducing costs, making them more efficient, and making them a superior and attractive option compared to gas cars and hybrids.

Tesla does not use unions - they use something superior instead, and that is stock based and competitive compensation. As Tesla grows and succeeds, the employees are rewarded as well - in addition to Elon Musk.

In fact, Elon Musk's performance at Tesla must continue to increase and grow. I expect a new compensation package to get proposed that targets Tesla growing multiple trillions in market cap - otherwise, he gets nothing.

However, Joe Biden and the White House won't recognize Tesla and Elon Musk as leading in EVs because it does not benefit him to do so.

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What do you think of Joe Biden's statement here?

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