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Elon Musk, On Live Stream, Shares That Your Tesla Will Go Pick Up Groceries and Pick Up Your Kids From School

Elon Musk, on a live stream, shared two distinct things about the future of Tesla vehicles: picking your kids up from school and getting your groceries.

Elon Musk Shares What Tesla Vehicles Will Do For You

Elon Musk, while on a live stream playing a game, shared some things about Tesla vehicles for the future of autonomy.

He said that you will be able to ask your Tesla to go pick up groceries or pretty much anything.

Further adding to that, he talked about the Optimus humanoid robot, which you'll be able to create to be anything you need. The humanoid robot will even be able to go pick up your kids from school - and also be like a school, teaching kids anything.

When we think of cars today, for the most part, we think of them as something we get into to go do something, such as going to a concert, going to get groceries, going out to eat, or taking a road trip somewhere.

The future of vehicles, which Tesla is spearheading, is much more like a SaaS model (software as a service). This means that vehicles will be used on demand, kind of like web servers are for AWS. When you need the "capacity" the vehicle can be summoned and used, and then dismissed when you don't need it.

I have two daughters and during the school year, I shuffle my youngest one to and from school as well as taking her to her friends house quite frequently. It takes a lot of time, but I am very happy to do it because she's my daughter.

In the future, when autonomy has proven to be much safer than a human and a Tesla vehicle doesn't need a driver anymore. I'll be able to tell my Tesla to go to her friend's house with her in it and then have my Tesla give other people rides or come back home.

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Other Uses For Autonomous Vehicles

My Tesla vehicle can already drive itself and does a pretty good job most of the time. Version 12.4.1, the latest iteration of the software, is now being released to Tesla employees and a few select customers. There's going to be some initial bugs to work out, but then, that will go to a wide release.

This version promises to be about 5x better than the previous, and when I get it, I'll be sure to test it out and see if that is indeed true.

Autonomous vehicles will have many uses, the primary of which will be to greatly reduce the cost of transport for others and to provide a much higher level of safety.

Autonomous cars will also be used to deliver food, for a cheaper cost than currently can be done - or to do any kind of delivery. Amazon is going to make heavy use of autonomous delivery vans, however, there will still need to be someone - or a humanoid robot - that takes the packages to the doors of customers.

Tesla's humanoid robot solves that problem. It can sit in an autonomous vehicle and then get out and deliver whatever needs to be delivered to the locations they are needed.

It would be cool if Tesla made their app voice command enabled so that I could tell the app to send my Tesla out to give people rides, or tell it an address and wait for my daughter to get in.

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Will being able to tell your Tesla to go get groceries or take your kids to school prove to be useful in the future?

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Image Credit/Reference: Elon Musk