Inside of the Front of the Cybertruck Leaked
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Inside of the Front of the Cybertruck Leaked

There are some inside pictures of the Cybertruck that were leaked. Here are the details.

Cybertruck Inside Details

The inside of the front of the Cybertruck has been leaked, and we have some of the latest images and details. This picture showed up on Twitter, and we don't know if this picture is the original source. But it is the front of the Cybertruck coming out of nowhere.

Based on the view, it looks like somewhere near Giga Texas. There is a hexagonal wheel, which is like a combination of the yoke and a steering wheel. There are no stalks for the steering wheel, either, so you'll have to use the arrows for turn signals.

There is a center console, just like all of Tesla's other vehicle, which appears to have a singular slider that is used to open it. The Cybertruck has a lot of space in the center console.

The center screen is very large and roomy, as is the front dash. There is an air vent that covers the entire front, just like the Model 3 and Model Y vehicles. There is a large windshield, and you can see the large windshield wiper on the left of it.

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Other Cybertruck Details

Elon Musk has even said that he doesn't like the windshield wiper on the Cybertruck, but there doesn't appear to be any other options - otherwise we would have seen it changed by now. In my opinion, the single giant windshield wiper is what we are going to get.

There is also the question of what kind of Cybertruck will release - a single, dual, tri, or quad-motor variant. Regardless of the variant, expect to see the Cybertruck under $80,000 in order to qualify completely for the U.S. tax credit.

The Cybertruck is most likely going to be a bestseller for EV trucks - assuming the release is well received and there aren't issues with the first Cybertrucks.

The truck seems very roomy and likely will allow for a lot of space and storage. It's cool to see it getting ready for production and release to customers later this year.

Are you looking forward to the Cybertruck? What do you think of the view from the front?

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