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First Model Y Spotted at Tesla Austin Texas Giga Factory

We saw a Model Y at Tesla's Giga Factory in Austin, Texas. After it was spotted and pictures were seen, the car was quickly covered up by employees of Tesla. This appears to be a pre production version of the Model Y.


We recently received news of the first Model Y vehicles being produced at Tesla's Giga Factory in Austin, Texas. This appears to be a pre production vehicle. The vehicle was quickly covered and moved to a new location by Tesla employees. This is according to the Twitter user, Joe Tegtmeyer.

Tesla Giga Factory, Austin, Texas

We've known that Tesla is getting ready to ramp up production in its Giga factory in Austin, Texas, and that it is going to start with the Model Y first instead of the CyberTruck. This is because the demand for the Model Y continues to increase and Tesla wants to be able to satisfy that demand. Also, the CyberTruck is still in the prototype stages and hasn't reached volume production while requiring new hardware and cameras for full self-driving (FSD).

The first Model Y pre produced at Giga Factory, Austin, Texas, was seen and then quickly covered and we're wondering why. Was it covered because it was a different car than the Model Y? Or is Tesla trying to hide the fact that they are getting ready to produce the Model Y sooner than expected?

There was a second Tesla vehicle on a conveyer belt behind the Model Y, and we also wonder if that is a second Model Y and what is being done with these two vehicles.

These are Test Vehicles

According to Joe, these are test vehicles. Let's explain what that means. Test vehicles are produced in order to work out the "bugs" and "issues" with a vehicle that is being produced. The vehicles will likely be run through a number of tests and rigorous quality control in order to determine if they will hold up over the long term.

Because Tesla has already been producing Model Y vehicles, I'm confident it won't take them long to iron out the process of the test Model Y vehicles at Austin, Texas. If there are problems at the Giga factory, it's likely going to be with the machines and assembly line rather than the vehicles themselves because Tesla already has Model Y vehicles on the road right now.

I expect that within a couple months, we will see the first Model Y vehicles delivered from Austin, Texas, and that production will continue to ramp up month after month until we reach volume production in 2022. Seeing vehicles in Austin, Texas, is good news because it means that the Giga Factory is likely on track to produce vehicles. Good news for Tesla, Tesla investors, and a future of renewable and sustainable energy.

Friends, what do you think about the Tesla Model Y being shown at Austin, Texas? Why was the vehicle quickly covered up? Is Tesla trying to hide something?

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