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Elon Musk Predicts Tesla Monopoly: How Tesla Gets Around It

Elon Musk has predicted that Tesla will have a monopoly. What will this monopoly be in?

Tesla Monopoly

Elon Musk has said that Tesla will have a monopoly. What will this monopoly be in? Other companies have monopolies like Facebook, Google, and Microsoft with social networks, search, and operating systems.

Tesla is going to have a monopoly on self-driving software, and it's not even going to be close. Elon Musk responded to a Tweet saying as much as Twitter user @farzyness said that in 10 years we'll be complaining about Tesla's monopolistic Self-Driving software. Elon Musk responded with: "Accurate prediction".

Tesla will license its FSD software to other companies. Tesla is going to have the hardware ready for outside manufacturers. There will need to be a camera suite and a computer to run the software and connect to the cameras. Tesla will engineer an entire solution: FSD computer, hardware, software, and cameras. The cameras will need to be placed in the same locations as Tesla uses.

The companies that license FSD will have to make sure they way they manufacture their cars will accommodate the camera placement and all the wiring and harnesses. The true Robotaxi platform from Tesla will not be an entire solution provided by Tesla. At first, they'll have seats inside that face each other, but at some point, they just might build a shell that is bare on the inside and outside, except with cameras, hardware, and software.

Then, fleet runners can take these bare-bones vehicles to buy the shells of the vehicle and figure out how to run the vehicles. The reason this works is that other vehicle manufacturers won't have to mess with trying to set up the cameras and hardware in the right locations to get FSD running.

This is something I haven't heard of, and I really like it. Tesla can manufacture a bare-bones vehicle with an easy way to paint, put seats in, etc... for other companies, and we'll see if Tesla follows that business model.

If you remove 50% of the square footage of manufacturing of the car, and you can just stop as it is put together as a box with wheels, then other companies can figure out how they are going to make them look or what they are going to put inside. Millions of these could be made each month.

I especially like this if Tesla makes an identical front and back casting. Tesla should do this for all their self-driving vehicles.

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What Will Happen to the Tesla Monopoly?

If Tesla gets a monopoly on FSD, eventually the government is going to get involved. The only way this doesn't happen is if Tesla does the solution we've talked about in this article. Tesla can make bare-bones vehicles and license them out to other fleet owners. Tesla creates the guts and body, and other companies put whatever they want inside.

Will Tesla have a monopoly on anything else besides FSD? Tesla could get a monopoly on the Energy storage business with its Megapack product. The reason for this is that Tesla has a large lead in battery manufacturing and could become the dominant Energy player.

What will happen if Tesla becomes the dominant Energy player and all large scale utilities are using Megapack and all homes are using PowerWalls? I think the answer is similar to FSD. Tesla must license their technology or sell it as a service. Utility companies and homeowners can make extra money using Tesla's products. This assures that Tesla won't be targeted for "hogging" it all to themselves.

Tesla could also get a monopoly on the Tesla Bot - the Humanoid Robot. The reason for this is that nobody is near Tesla when it comes to AI (artificial intelligence). Tesla is, again, going to have to license this technology for others to use and simply get paid a yearly fee - or even a one-time fee for the robot, and then a fee for additional software to use each month.

As long as Tesla is sharing their technology with others and increasing the net benefit to society with increased production, fewer emissions, more safety, then I think Tesla's monopoly will not be taken out by the government.

For more information, see this video from Farzad and Amy:

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