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Driverless Tesla Model X Delivers Coffee Order in Dubai: Does This Mean Robotaxis Are Happening?

There is a video of a coffee being brought to someone in Dubai by a Tesla Model X. There is no driver in the car.

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Model X Delivers Coffee in Dubai Without Driver

There is a video circulating around Twitter of a Tesla Model X delivering a coffee to someone in Dubai. It has many people wondering if this was a driverless Tesla and if Robotaxis are now here.

When you look at the video, there is indeed something in the back seat of the Model X. Further along, you can also see that nobody is in the driver's seat. This video appears legit - at least from the standpoint that the Tesla drove to the parking lot, even if it was from a short distance, to deliver this coffee.

After the coffee was retrieved, a camera showed nobody in the driver's seat, and then the doors closed and the Tesla Model X drove away.

Is it possible that this was a true driverless Tesla Model X that went and got the coffee and drove to this particular person in Dubai?

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Are Robotaxis Here?

What I think is most likely is that Robotaxis are not here quite yet, but they are getting close. I think we will see the first driverless Tesla rides happen next year in 2024. I also think that in this video, the smart summon feature was being used by the Tesla vehicle to get it to deliver this coffee to this person in Dubai.

The reason I believe this is that in order for FSD to be used right now, there must be a driver paying attention at all times. Every 30 seconds or so, the car is going to prompt for interaction with the steering wheel.

Without that interaction on the steering wheel, the car will stop. I think this is why the car was able to go a short distance in this video - because there was no need to interact with the steering wheel or prove a driver was driving.

Tesla has also increased its detection of anyone trying to "game" the steering wheel by putting a weight on it. Tesla will detect that and turn off FSD or Autopilot until the start of the next drive.

Still, this coffee delivery in Dubai is a prelude of things to come for Tesla vehicles. In the coming years, Tesla vehicles without a driver will be driving everywhere and doing deliveries of food and people to different destinations.

Do you think this video was legit and if so, how was it able to be driverless?

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Image Credit, Tesla Cars Only, Screenshot

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