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The Cybertruck Is Going to Have Paint: Tesla Job Openings Hint at Cybertruck Being Painted

We see some job openings from Tesla that seem to suggest the Cybertruck is going to have paint.

Cybertruck and Paint: Job Openings

I was quite surprised when I saw a Tweet that Tesla had job openings for paint for the Cybertruck. I thought that it was just going to be stainless steel and that Tesla was going to save time and money by not painting the Cybertruck. It appears that Tesla may be changing its tune in this matter.

The Tesla career that was added was a "Production Supervisor, Cybertruck, Paint" and the location is in Austin, Texas. This is a full-time job, and there have been more jobs than this for the Cybertruck regarding paint.

Here are some of the other jobs Tesla is posting regarding the Cybertruck and paint:

* Production Associate Manager, Cybertruck Paint
* Manufacturing Engineer, Paint - Cybertruck
* Equipment Engineer, Paint - Cybertruck
* Process Engineer, Paint - Cybertruck
* Automation Engineer, Paint - Cybertruck

Some have said that these paint jobs don't necessarily mean that it has to deal with paint on the outside body of the Cybertruck. I'm not sure if I believe that because these are multiple jobs for paint and where else will you put paint on the Cybertruck?

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What Does It Really Mean?

It's possible there is going to be some kind of spray coating for the Cybertruck and the 30x cold rolled stainless steel won't be delivered as is. The truck bed could also be painted, as well as the bumpers and other various parts as well.

Others think that these jobs are for the bumpers, under body protection, and around glass and interior all probably need parts that are painted. This could also be for the mirrors or plastic pieces that are needed for the inside of the Cybertruck.

Another person mentioned that the outside of the Cybertruck is indeed stainless steel, but that the stainless steel still attaches to stamped steel that has to be painted. I'm not sure what they meant by stamped steel, though.

Regardless of what is painted, I am expecting the Cybertruck to look like we have seen so far and be a stainless steel beast. I think there are going to be many places that will offer wraps or various paint options for the Cybertruck after it is released and that you can customize it that way.

Do you think the Cybertruck will be painted?

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