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70 New Job Openings for Tesla Cybertruck: What Are They For?

We see 70 new job openings for the Tesla Cybertruck and this is a good sign for production nearing soon.

Tesla: 70 Job Openings for Cybertruck

Tesla has created 70 new job openings for the Tesla Cybertruck. Recently, we wrote about new paint jobs, but now there are jobs for a lot more than that. Let's take a look at some specific jobs and speculate on what they might be fore.

Production Supervisor, Cybertruck, Castings:

I think this one is pretty straightforward. Tesla is looking for someone who can manage the process of Tesla's giga castings that will be created using Idra's Giga Press. This person will need to have strong organizational skills, attention to detail, and a grasp of how to optimize and make processes very efficient.

Press Operation, Stamping, Cybertruck:

This person will most likely need to manage the usage of the machines that due stamping of the stainless steel for the Cybertruck. The stamping machine is what shapes specific pieces of the Cybertruck. This person will essentially need to make the stamping machine their obsession 24/7 and understand it like nobody else.

Quality Engineer, paint - Cybertruck:

There is going to be paint on the Cybertruck, as we mentioned in an earlier article, and this person will need to understand in intimate detail the parts of the Cybertruck that are being painted and implement checks and balances that ensure all of the paint is done perfectly every single time without error.

Furnace Technician, Cybertruck - Castings:

This actually sounds like it would be a fun and possibly dangerous position. It might even require wearing a thermal suit of some kind, and I think it involves the removal or moving of castings that have been heated to extreme temperatures. I've seen videos of Tesla workers in what looked like a radioactive suit, using a giant metal stick to work with castings.

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Is Cybertruck On Track For Q3, 2023 Release?

With all these new job openings, is the Tesla Cybertruck on track for release?

First, let's look at a common theme with all these job openings. The common theme is that Tesla is looking for many supervisor positions. This tells me that Tesla is thinking about scale here and Tesla isn't having any problem finding people to do individual contributor jobs for paint, castings, and other things.

Tesla might have a hard time finding supervisors who are qualified to do all of these processes, which include:

* Stamping (Operation and Maintenance)
* Giga Castings
* Painting
* Furnace
* Production Control
* Manufacturing
* Automation
* Controls Engineering

There's so much involved here, so I hope Tesla is able to find qualified people to work in these positions. If Tesla is offering stock and a good compensation package, along with an environment that is flexible with time off and good health benefits, then I think they will find good people.

I see the Tesla Cybertruck being on track for Q3, 2022, assuming Tesla is able to fill these roles successfully.

Do you think the Cybertruck is on track for its release date in Q3, 2022?

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