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3 Must Have Accessories For Your Tesla

There are 3 must have accessories that you should have for your Tesla vehicle. There's also a few accessories that aren't worth having.

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3 Must Have Accessories

LED lights are a must have accessory for your Tesla. This owner installed them on the center console and they looked great at night. However, they were difficult to install. When they are on, you have to turn them on and off manually. They have a lot of wires too and are expensive.

Outside of the car, this accessory is the glass sealant. All around the glass roof of this owner's Tesla, there is a sealant that stops little bits of sand and leaves from getting in between the crevices.

The next is a center console screen protector. Why would you need this if you are never going to drop the screen. The screen protector does help with glare from the sun. It can be difficult to see what is on there when the sun is directly on it.

The next accessory is a wood panel interior. This was added over the initial interior and it adds a nice feel to the interior of the car. One minus is that the center storage now takes a while to close and it is a little expensive (a few hundred dollars).

The next accessory is integrated into the car and is a secret compartment under the center console. In a default Tesla Model 3, it's just empty space. But you can add this secret compartment to store whatever you need.

More Accessories

The Tesla mattress allows you to sleep in the back of your car, assuming you aren't too tal (less than 6 feet tall).

There are Tesla buttons you can also get and allow you to have blue tooth activated buttons that let you control various things in the car like the hazard lights. The main one being used is to open the frunk with the touch of a button. The buttons sometimes cause the frunk and charge point to randomly open sometimes and only when the car is stationary.

The next accessory is a steering wheel tray. You can put a soda can on it or a sandwhich. This assumes you aren't turning the wheel too much. There's also a Tesla Key FOB and it is officially made by Tesla. It lets you control your car with a few buttons. A Tesla ring can also lock and unlock your car. It's about 150 dollars.

There are Tesla pedals that look like a brake and accelerator. However, these pedals are metallic and are normally in the performance Model 3. These look a lot nicer than the default pedals.

There are floor mats you can get for your Tesla and these are nice because a Tesla vehicle, whether it be a Model S or Model 3 do not come default with floor mats.

2 More Accessories

There are Tesla decal stickers that can be added to the Tesla logos on the vehicle that make it look nice with a border. This user drove in rain and they are still all in perfect condition.

The final and favorite accessory of this user is used to address a screw that is coming down from the ceiling by the trunk. It covers this screw and creates hooks that you can hang bags or anything else on.

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Accessories You Do Not Need

The first worst accessory is an extra storage container. It was a waste of time and pretty difficult to install in the center of the Model 3. It didn't add much extra storage space.

The cup holders also seemed like nice accessories to have, but bottles of water and soda cans would not fit in the cup holders. Those are two pretty terrible accessories.

For more information, see this video from Jack Massey Welsh:

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