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Why Today’s Tesla Cybertruck is a Failure

Will today’s Tesla Cybertruck make you happy? Maybe not according to one expert who points out these problems with today’s Cybertruck that makes it a production failure and what actually is the most insulting point of its existence.

Is the Tesla Cybertruck really worth all the time, hype, and money spent to own one? Maybe not once you’ve had a chance to look at it from the viewpoint of someone who knows something about cars that is not “Just another Tesla hater” who justifiably does not believe that the Cybertruck is the greatest vehicle for many of its consumers―especially when they discover what happens after buying an overpriced vehicle.

Cybertruck Buyer’s Remorse

Tesla’s long-awaited Cybertruck availability took years to get here for many consumers who had expectations of great things to come. And today, consumers are finally able to buy their dream vehicle. But will that dream have a bittersweet aftertaste to it shortly after investing all that time in waiting for one and then forking over a significant amount of money to be a Cybertruck owner? In other words, can we expect there to be a surge of buyer’s remorse shortly after buying one?

It just might happen.

That was the message in a recent The Smoking Tire YouTube channel episode where the host presents his frank assessment of why he does not like the Cybertruck and why he considers it to be a production failure for consumers.

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The Smoking Tire channel is a no-nonsense viewpoint of the automotive industry as the host reviews a wide range of makes and models to provide viewers with the good, the bad, and the downright ugly truths he wants to share about cars with the public.

In this recent episode, you will hear some good arguments about the shortcomings and questionable practices of Tesla and its Cybertruck model.

Problems With The Tesla Cybertruck Today

Follow along with the host as he explains:

  • Cybertruck Broken Promises: Availability of the Cybertruck is years later than promised and comes at a much higher price with less range, and less towing ability.
  • Cybertruck Ownership Costs: How Tesla is milking every dollar they can out of Cybertruck customers beyond the initial cost of buying one. Features like a lightbar, FSD, and standard autopilot that really should come standard. But do not.
  • Cybertruck Build Quality: For the money one costs, you would expect a perfect appearing vehicle; however, the Cybertruck to this day suffers from significant body panel gaps, door misalignment, wipers extending past the A-pillar frame, etc.
  • Cybertruck Safety: When it comes to pedestrian impact accident safety with a Cybertruck, the Cybertruck fails big time and because of this is not sold in Europe where vehicle safety laws are stringent in this regard―something the U.S. lacks. In other words, “America has no pedestrian impact standards,” states the host as he points out that front and rear leading body edges are knife-like and will seriously maim a pedestrian even with light impact.
  • Cybertruck Bed Design Fail: While the body design is stated to be the best aerodynamically, for practical purposes it fails when it comes to its high-walled bed design making loading and unloading the back of the Cybertruck difficult and annoying.
  • No Door Handles Means Cut Fingers: The lack of door handles and a door edge sharp enough to peel a cucumber will mean a visit to the ER for some owners who attempt to grasp the edge of a door while opening it.
  • Inadequate Frunk door operation means another trip to the ER: The host demonstrates that it is no myth that if your hand or fingers are in the way of a closing frunk door you could lose a digit or two…or more.
  • Cybertruck Interior Fail: While spacious enough, the host makes the point that it is not an interior you would expect with a $100,000-plus vehicle. Expect plastic and other cheap cosmetic features reflecting additional poor build quality.
  • It Is Not the Truck You Would Want During an Apocalypse: If you are seriously into end-of-the-world prep, this truck is a poor performer for this type of resources-scarce survival scenario. But, hey, if running over people is your plan during a disaster, then maybe the Cybertruck with its sharp edges is the right “truck” for you.

The Most Insulting Thing About the Cybertruck

Aside from its many aforementioned flaws, the host is spot-on with his honest assessment of what is the most insulting thing about the Cybertruck: It’s not a truck!

Trucks designed as a useful utility vehicle is why they have become so popular over the years. Traditional trucks meet a wide range of specific needs a sedan cannot possibly meet and has the durability to survive a lot of abuse…unlike the more recent, non-traditional Mall Crawlers of today.

According to the host about the Cybertruck:

It seems more like a fashion statement…it’s a thing no one asked for and a thing that does not solve the problems it claims to solve,” states the host who points out that as a vehicle, it is underdeveloped with a slew of faults that resulted all because Tesla built this model into a corner they could not (or would not) get out of―underdeveloped to the point that it needs to be redesigned to make it the machine it was promised to be.

In short, you might be unhappy with a Tesla Cybertruck once you finally own one…warts and all.

Tesla Cybertruck Review

For more details about the faults owners will discover after buying a Tesla Cybertruck, here is the video posted below for your enjoyment and enlightenment:

Here's Why The Production Cybertruck is a Failure


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