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Should You Buy a Toyota Corolla in 2023? Not This Particular Model Warns Toyota Expert Mechanic

Find out now what is good and what is bad in Toyota’s recent changes to the new Corolla hatchback and sedan models reviewed by a Toyota expert mechanic and find out why one of the two you would be better off avoiding.

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The 2023 Sedan and Hatchback Reviewed

2023 is an exciting time for Toyota Corolla fans who have anticipated some expected changes in the hatchback and sedan models. Now that enough time has passed after their release, it is time to pass judgment on the good and the bad on both models to help Corolla shoppers decide whether to go with either or both models.

That said, here is a recent review by the Car Care Nut YouTube channel that offers some surprising points made as he recommends avoiding one of the two models.

Spoiler Alert
In case you just want to know the facts without the video, here is a summary of the major points addressed on the sedan and hatchback models and the host’s take on how he feels about both Corolla models.

If you would rather not get the summary just now, skip directly ahead to the video posted below.


Engine technical review

The Good
• Say goodbye to the 2ZR 1.8L engine and hello to the newer dynamic force M20A-FKS engine with Toyota’s D4S dual fuel injection system
• Electric motor rather than oil pressure driven VVT-i (variable valve timing with intelligence)

The Bad
• Questionable cheap-looking plastic valve covers
• No manual transmission in the sedan or hatchback models. CVT only.

Undercarriage Review

The Good
• Undercarriage shielding to protect against the elements
• Added cross bracing for stability
• Improved front and rear suspension

The Bad
• Lack of complete shielding coverage in wheel well fender region
• Catalytic converter is exposed and subject to theft

Exterior Review

The Good
• Hatchback front and rear design elements match and look sharp
• Attractive modern style headlight LED trim both models
• Attractive larger wheels
• Backup camera placed higher at rear logo rather than low with the bumper

The Bad
• Sedan front and rear design elements look mismatched

Interior Review

The Good
• Much improved radio/infotainment system
• Simple controls easy to manage
• One-touch cruise control
• Spare tire in back
• Small design touches making life better

The Bad
• No improvement in dash screen usefulness—it’s just bigger
• The improved radio/infotainment system is a little glitchy
• Annoying knee-banging lower dash hump
• Hatchback backseat small and uncomfortable
• Floor in back of hatchback is rather high for loading groceries with less space available, but…you get a spare tire.

Things the Mechanic Really Does Not Like About the New Models
• Limited trim options

Final Verdict

• The new hatchback looks sporty…but it is not, which drives up the price without the return a hatchback owner would expect and want.

• The sedan is a much better buy at a lower price than what you get with the hatchback.

Should You Buy a Toyota Corolla in 2023? I Have Good News and Bad News!

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Timothy Boyer is a Torque News automotive reporter based in Cincinnati. Experienced with early car restorations, he regularly restores older vehicles with engine modifications for improved performance. Follow Tim on Twitter at @TimBoyerWrites for daily new and used vehicle news.

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Image Source: Pixabay

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