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Just Rolled In Homer Simpson Edition

It’s Friday once again and here is the latest Just Rolled In clips that definitely qualifies as a Homer Simpson car customer “Doh!” Edition.

The Simpsons-Worthy Friday Humor

It’s Friday once again and time to pass on the latest Just Rolled In YouTube video that I swear I could hear a not-so-silent Homer Simpson “Doh!” coming from both car customers (and just a few mechanics) while watching these short clips.

Here they are and have a great weekend!

Customer States They Hit A BIG Rock | Just Rolled In

And finally…

For past Just Rolled In selections you may have missed earlier, here they are again for your enjoyment:

Just Rolled In Car Customer Fails

Garage Humor the Clueless Edition

TGIF Customer Repair Car Humor

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Image Source: Pixabay