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Installing LED Lighting on Your Car Basics

Looking to make your car standout at night? There’s a number of LED lighting kits for cars; however, not all work the same, or offer features that might not be right for you. Here’s an informative video instruction on the different types of LED light kits for cars that covers the basics that you need to know before ordering a kit.

Automotive LED Lighting

There’s more than one way to make your car shine at night with LED lighting that has gained increasing popularity for car enthusiasts looking for a way to make their cars unique. And because of this, a good number of kits are out there that are simple enough for most DIY-inclined car owners.

However, before ordering a kit it’s a good idea to first do a little research to ensure that the kit provides what you are looking for---and not just in its electric bling, but also how you operate and control the lighting to get the look you want.

To help you understand the basic types of car lighting kits out there, we will turn to the popular and highly recommended YouTube channel “Pete’s Garage” where Pete takes a departure from his typical engine rebuild demos to explain the different lighting kits available along with a brief example of typical installation.

Installing LED Lighting Inside or Outside Your Car SUPAREE

And finally…

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