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Everything You Need to Know About Electric Car Tires to Avoid Being Scammed

Can regular tires be used on EVs? Here’s the latest that explains in detail everything you need to know about electric car tires to avoid being scammed because someone gave you the wrong answer to that question. Plus, find out what tires for EVs are recommended for summer, winter, and all-weather conditions.

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Choosing the Correct Tires for Your EV

It’s bound to happen at least some tire centers when you drive in needing new tires for your EV either because the original ones from the dealership need replacing or you encountered a road hazard that caused irreparable damage: The tire center will try to sell you non-EV tires because they either don’t carry them yet, or do not have the size you need, or the tech working there just doesn’t know better.

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In an emergency--say on a long road trip out in the middle of nowhere---yes, you can use regular non-EV tires to get by on until you can make it back home. However, you will notice a significant difference in mileage, handling, comfort and even safety using non-EV tires on an electric car.

In a nutshell, electric cars place unique challenges on tires, due to four key characteristics: weight, efficiency, noise, and torque. And as such, EV tires are specially designed to overcome those challenges and provide EV owners with a safe, comfortable and fuel-efficient ride.

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That was the message in a recent Engineering Explained YouTube channel episode where the host provides you with…really… “Everything you need to know about electric car tires.”

Follow along with the host in the video below and discover what makes EV tires so special and why you should never compromise your vehicle and your safety with anything else.

Everything You Need to Know About Electric Car Tires

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