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10 Major Problems with Electric Cars Shoppers Need to Know

Here is what you need to know about 10 major problems you should be aware of before considering buying an electric car or SUV.


In an earlier article we reported on what EV shoppers really want are these three criteria in their electric car:

  1. Relief from any range anxiety by providing more mileage per charge in an EV battery.
  2. Short charging times because we are all in a hurry.
  3. A price that is the same or less than what you pay and get, with an equivalent vehicle powered by an internal combustion engine.

And as we reported, the crux of these desires is that all three are limited by the fact that today’s EV battery isn’t good enough. Rather what is really needed is a “Superbattery.”

There’s More to Consider

Despite our wait for a “Superbattery,” there is more to buying an electric car than worrying about the three aforementioned desires. That was the message in a recent “Car Help Corner” YouTube channel episode where the host alerts new EV shoppers of what he considers to be ten major problems with buying an electric car today.

Follow along with the host in this short video where he talks about how that:

  1. In reality, public charging stations are not simple plug-and-play experiences.
  2. Unpredictable driving ranges are what you get despite what manufacturers claim.
  3. Battery degradation and which battery type is best if you decide to go EV.
  4. Why you will not really save money with EV maintenance over ICE maintenance.
  5. You will be at the mercy of the dealership once you’ve bought their EV.
  6. Long term reliability of the car aside from the battery is unknown.
  7. EV resale value plummets the day the warranty expires.
  8. EV insurance rates can be high.
  9. EV’s are over-priced and not likely to change.
  10. Waiting for EV prices to come down while range goes up; or, buying a Hybrid model is a smarter choice right now.

10 Major Problems with Electric Cars You Must Know Before Buying One

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