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Tesla Will Expand Its Operations In Parts Of California Despite Moving The Headquarters To Texas

Tesla moved its headquarters to Texas because it made sense financially. However, Tesla still does a lot of business in California and is expanding there too.

Tesla allegedly didn't have enough space for its offices, so more office space has been leased in Palo Alto, CA. This news has come out after the big move to Texas.

Amount of space Tesla needed

Tesla signed a lease for 325,000 square feet of office space from HP. Musk also said he moved to Texas because the Fremont factory lacked space. Tesla is expected to continue expanding in Texas, Tesla will soon have two Gigafactories in the Austin area, so this could allow for more office space in Texas. Tesla could then decide if it makes sense to keep some offices in California.

Tesla also boosting production in California

Tesla is expected to raise production figures in California by 50%. It is a good thing that Tesla’s production numbers keep breaking records. However, one could look at Tesla’s actions and wonder if more focus should be devoted towards trying to save money. California is where it all started for Tesla, and a lot of cars are going to be produced there. However, Tesla has also become more popular in many medium sized cities.

No comment from Musk yet

Tesla’s Elon Musk has not commented on this decision as of yet. Musk has lately been trying to make a lot of important financial decisions for Tesla. The fact Tesla wants to still lease large amounts office space in California shows the company still has one foot in both doors.

Image: Tesla

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dw (not verified)    October 13, 2021 - 2:25PM

i do wonder,,,,what will Tesla do when the next black out in Texas happens, in say January and February, and this time, the regulator doesnt order the rolling blackouts, and the grid collapses, which would require several months to restart.