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Elon Musk Tells Giga Berlin Suppliers To Speed The Process Up

Elon Musk posted on twitter that he wanted to see Giga Berlin suppliers speed up production. Musk may have sent out a tweet like this because suppliers could be the bottleneck of delays.


Musk sent out another tweet that said, “Aiming for extreme precision with next gen Model Y- microns, not millimeters." Precision is a good thing to aim for as some owners have complained about panel gaps on the outgoing Model Y. Yesterday’s article talked about the new Megacasting that will hold the Model Y’s battery pack. It is clear that Tesla is devoting a lot of their focus toward a successful launch of the new Model Y.

Musk has been on the move

Musk arrived in Berlin on Sunday according to German newspaper Tagesspiegel. Musk spent some time at Giga Berlin yesterday, so there is a good chance he is still there today. Tesla has been put on a relatively tight schedule, and Musk would like to see production begin by the end of the year. There are no meetings with any German government officials planned during this visit.

The obstacles in front of Tesla

The suppliers are one part of this, but Musk has been saying that it’s the regulations of the German bureaucracy that are slowing things down.

Musk said,“There should be some kind of active process for removal of rules. Otherwise, over time, the rules will accumulate, and you get more and more rules until eventually you can’t do anything."

The German Bureaucracy still hasn’t given Tesla full approval to start production. It’s somewhat unclear how long that process will take.

These parts may only be able to come in so fast

The supply chain is breaking down in many facets of the Economy right now. There is a chip shortage that Tesla is probably having to contend with. There is much at stake with Giga Berlin right now, as Musk would like to start producing Model Y’s at that location first.

Production plans

Tesla plans to utilize Giga Berlin and Giga Texas for the production of the new Model Y. If Giga Berlin falls behind schedule, then Giga Texas could possibly pick up the slack.

Tesla and supply chains

Tesla has a good history of trying to control as many aspects of the supply chain as possible. Tesla is responsible for its own charging stations, showrooms, batteries, software, and its own factories. However, Tesla can't do it all alone and they still require parts from other entities. Tesla's efforts to scale down the number of parts in their vehicles may cut cost but could also alleviate the headache of having to rely on all these suppliers.

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