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Cadillac returns to racing with CTS-V Coupe in 2011

Racing has always been a great way to demonstrate an automaker’s ability to perform under pressure and under extreme conditions. So, Cadillac’s return to racing in 2011 with a race-prepared version of its CTS-V Coupe will enhance its image.

Of course, the rear view of the CTS-V is what Cadillac intends its competitors to see at every race. Having competed from 2004 to 2007 in the GT Class with the CTS-V Sport Sedan, Cadillac captured the Manufacturer’s Championship in 2005 and 2007 and the Driver’s Championship in 2005.

According to the news release via, Cadillac will field two teams in the upcoming Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) World Challenge GT Class with a racecar based on the CTS-V Coupe. The CTS-V line, which also includes the CTS-V Sedan and CTS-V Wagon, was recently named to Car and Driver magazine’s 10 Best list for 2011.

Michigan is not left of this equation either. Also revealed in the news release, Cadillac is working with Pratt & Miller, a New Hudson, Mich., engineering firm which specializes in motorsports. They will develop the CTS-V Coupe racecar.

While some of the production CTS-V components will be modified due to the unique demands of racing or to meet the SCCA series’ technical rules, every effort is taken to maintain as much production content as possible.

Regarding a little history of the SCCA, it began in 1944. Now it organizes and supports racing at all levels from amateur to professional.

The World Challenge series is designed to provide teams, manufacturers and aftermarket suppliers a competitive production-based race series in which to prove their products. The races follow a 50-minute maximum time limit, with the number of laps and total distance determined by track configuration, lap times and race conditions.