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Bongiovi Acoustics brings cinema sound to autos at 2011 Detroit Auto Show

You’ll have to go to Electric Avenue at the 2011 Detroit Auto Show to hear and feel the difference that Bongiovi Acoustics brings to the automobile with their DPS technology.


Note the word, feel, because that is exactly part of the acoustic experiences of the future.

Fact is, 2011 NAIAS provides, not only the world of styling and the next generation of engine and EV technology, but now a sound experience that one can only measure via the studio-quality sounds of the cinema.

For the record, Bongiovi personnel guides each visitor by sitting inside and listening to the sounds from the 3D movie hit, Avatar. Truth is, you didn’t need 3D either. The sound alone within the confinement of the Toyota SUV provided an acoustic experience beyond anything on the main floor of the auto show.

Key to the advanced experience is the use of DPS or Digital Power Station, a sound technology that is state of the art and a patented process that manages the electric signals of transducers instead of huge speakers. Anyone can use a transducer, but it is the DPS module that does all the magic for studio quality sound as a software solution.

When asked about the potential effect of too much sound that may distract, Greg Thom responded that it requires less volume to get the sound experience.

He was also quick to point out how industrial designers love the idea of getting rid of speakers that are difficult to package and often interfere with the flow of an interior design.

Imagine transducers placed in the A-pillar, the headliner and the seats. No need to package in the doors anymore so as to maximize the sound capability.

My own experience was one of total surprise. I could literally feel the vibrations of the sound in my seat. This is definitely a future auto tech, and the packaging of small transducers surely beats speakers.

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