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A Tesla Model Y Featured In Popeyes’ Super Bowl Ad

Tesla famously doesn't do paid advertisements or endorsements. However, as Tesla's brand power grows, increasingly companies are putting more effort to be associated with the EV maker. And one new example is a Popeyes ad featuring a Tesla Model Y currently scheduled to run on the super bowel.

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Tesla’s domination of the automotive market keeps growing. Once a struggling EV maker on the brink of bankruptcy, Tesla is now by far the biggest automaker by market cap. Not only that, the EV maker recently announced it has produced more than 1.37 million vehicles in the past 4 quarters and plans to grow production capacity by 50% every year for the foreseeable future.

Tesla is also in the process of building a new factory adjacent to Giga Nevada, ramping vehicle production at 2 new factories on 2 continents, and is significantly expanding production capacity in another 2 factories. And even more impressive, Tesla is fueling all this growth from internally generated funds and recently posted the biggest profit in the company’s history.

The EV maker is also at the forefront of full self-driving development and is only days away from releasing FSD Beta V11 which will bring neural nets and vector spaces to highway driving.

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And as Tesla’s domination of the automotive market continues, more and more people seem to be recognizing the EV maker’s value. A new Popeyes Super Bowl ad featuring Dieunerst Collin and a Model Y is a good example showcasing this effect.

Tesla famously doesn’t do advertisements, as a result, it’s not often we see the company’s vehicles on major networks being endorsed by famous celebrities. According to Elon Musk, since Tesla can’t already produce enough vehicles to satisfy demand the EV maker doesn’t plan to do advertisements anytime soon.

However, as Tesla’s brand value grows, other companies are increasingly looking to be associated with the EV maker, and are starting to produce advertisements featuring Tesla vehicles.

In Popeyes’ ad featuring the internet meme famous Dieunerst Collin, we see not only the fried chicken chain showcase Tesla’s Model Y, but Collin also directly references the vehicle by saying “and now I'm in Popeye's big game ad. It's got all those things those ads have, like a nice ride. Electric of course.”

The ad is currently scheduled to run on the Super Bowl game between Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs.

Elon Musk in the past has said he finds it deceptive paying celebrities to endorse his vehicles, however, if someone else is featuring a Tesla Model Y in the largest advertisement slot of the year, and calling it a “nice ride”, I think Musk will be fine accepting the compliment.

Elon Musk thinks in the long run there is a possibility Tesla might do advertisements, however, Musk says the advertisements will be more informative than an endorsement. We will be sure to keep you posted if Tesla produces the company’s first advertisement. Make sure to follow our site regularly for the latest updates.

So what do you think? Excited to see a Tesla Model Y being featured in the Super Bowl? Also, do you think Tesla should begin advertising? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Image: Screenshot from Popeyes’ Super Bowl ad

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